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More Jobs Less Crimes Assignment

I have and honest belief that more jobs throughout America could possibly be the solution to ending most crimes around the country. Truth is that many U. S. citizens, who commit burglaries or break- ins, only do it because they are in need of money. If everyone in the country had a steady flow of income in their household there would be no reason for any of us to engage in criminal acts of violence. Having a set career keeps the average person quite busy, or even having a minimum wage job. With everyone working day after day, there will be no time for committing any illegal acts, and there will certainly be no need for it.

According to CNN, the best economic year for the U. S. was 2003. The crime rate for that year was not as high as it has been in the past few years. This makes my decision of more jobs being the solution even more convincing. If we really take a good look at our country we can clearly conclude that the economy is a key factor; and not only in the U. S. , but around the world. There is an old saying that goes “Money makes the world go around,” and I’m starting to believe that every word of it is true. Before we can change the world we have to change the people who are in it.

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Before we can change the people we have to slow down the crime rate, and to do that we must get criminals off of the streets and in decent jobs. It has been proven that in the U. S. the states with the highest employment rate are the states with the least crime rates. The Statistics Bureau of Labor states that North Dakota have the highest employment rate, and also holds the record as one of the few states having the lowest crime rate in the U. S. As I have said before the economy plays a major part in the worlds flow, and what better way to help boost the economy of the world than to provide more jobs to its citizens.

This strategic decision of more jobs will also help the poverty rate to suddenly decrease in America. Since in fact poverty have a great influence on welfare families and those who receive food stamps, a decrease in poverty rate may also lead to a decrease in families that have government support. In September 2009, around 4 million Americans were on welfare, and more than 37 million received federal food stamps. Although, once a parent of a family that receives welfare becomes employed there will be no need for them to continue to receive aid from the government.

More jobs could also be a key factor to keeping teens out of trouble during their summer breaks away from school. Many teens in low class families tend to commit crimes of robbery or theft auto because they are away from learning at school and have nothing positive to do. I do believe that if there were programs or jobs only offered to teenagers, it would cut a lot of crimes that take place in communities, because teens and young adults are a huge percent f the suspects that commit the crimes that are happening everyday in America.

In 2002 there was an estimated 2,225 youth under the age of 18 serving sentences of life without parole. This is all the reason that we should start investing in getting our teens off the streets and teach them of positive ways to live. Though I have mentioned positive effects my decision will have, there may also be a flaw into providing more jobs. The increase in the number of jobs and more people making money, could lead to an increase in the amount of drugs being bought. It’s almost as if the wealthier Americans become the more drugs they start to encounter.

Perfect examples of this statement are celebrities, those who are rich and famous and have money to throw away. You would think that since they have tons of money they would be happy right, but sadly we watch them on the daily news, whether they’re getting arrested for the possession of drugs or if they have passed away. On August 16, 1977 Elvis Presley was found dead on his bathroom floor from an overdose of drugs. Once again, a very famous soul that life was taken away by the power of money.

Believe it or not this may be the only negative impact I could think of if more jobs were brought to the U. S. Though I am all for more jobs in the world to end crimes, I can also see why some may believe that having more policeman patrolling rural areas could also end crimes. I’m sure every parent that cares for their children would not want them around violence, which is why I could see parents siding with more policemen in the world, but hopefully after reading this their decisions will be differed. It is true that police of America are suppose to protect citizens and enforce rules and laws, and also put away those who break them.

Making sure rules and laws are enforced throughout communities may greatly decrease the crime rates. Private schools for example, tend to have fewer crimes or fights because of the simple fact that they enforce stricter rules than other schools may. But, what if the crimes do not come to an end? This decision will end up being a horrible one because, with more policemen only means there will be more criminals thrown in prison each year. In the end, if there are more police hire in the U. S. this means there will be more jobs offered, which just clarifies my choice for jobs being the solution to ending crimes.

In brief, I certainly believe I have made my point by stating that more jobs throughout the country are the solution to ending crimes. Providing more employment can only have a positive impact on the world. This decision will definitely help boost our country’s economy which is a key factor to the flow of the world. This could also mean less poverty rates and fewer teens on the street getting involved in criminal activities. In the end there will be no need for crimes in the world, because everyone will have a set income. Think of this once you have read this paper, a world with more jobs may be a world at peace.

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