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German Invasion of Poland Essay

Firstly during 1919 of the Europe map, Treaty of Versailles was one of the bilateral minority signed between minor power and the League of Nations it was approved on 1919, Poland receives Danzig had been declared a free city administered by the League of Nations. 1932 Poland signed a non-aggression treaty with the Soviet Union that calmed relations and reduce the incident on the eastern border.

1939 was approved with British and France on a military agreement with Poland that contained promises since the leaders of Poland had come to an understanding that they were faced with the problem of Germany. The leaders of Poland had understood that alone, they stood no chance against Germany, resulting in the signing of the agreement. 1939 Nazi leader Adolf Hitler claimed the massive invasion was a defensive action, Germany declared war on Poland initiating World War Two, Hitler conquest of Poland would bring living space for the German people.

The fight was trying to take over the land, as Adolf Hitler seek to regain lost territory. Another invasion has occurred 16 days after the German attack Poland; the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east, Soviet government used the German invasion of Poland as a pretext to violate the non-aggression treaty, while waiting for the British and French to join the fight became impossible. Poland became an independent country with a route to the sea, a corridor of land cutting Germany in two. Treaty of Versailles was the most important of the peace treaties that brought World War Two.

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Secondly, foreign policy has the protection of human rights, democracy and protecting the country market economy. The treaty Organisation and the European Union have become Poland important Poland most significant achievement in the realm of foreign policy. Poland was to be partitioned between the two powers enabled Germany to attack Poland. The foreign policy was a second central aim of Hitler.

Poland foreign policy aimed at consolidating the independence of May coup, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state. The primary objective is to create conditions for social and economic development, the three that Poland fundamental principles\’ alliance, friendship, cooperation solidarity, moral, political support, material assistance and peaceful coexistence, September 1939 when Nazi Germany attacked Poland. Foreign policy Warsaw since 1933/34

Lastly, the Great Depression has struck Poland many years to recover, Poland had a relatively prosperous 1920, but the Great Depression hit in the 1930s the rapid population growth. The conservative government spending habits did little to increase the money supply in the Polish economy; the Polish government did develop very advanced socialist programs. However, the most outstanding achievement was the development of the central industrial district in the middle of Poland. The area of high poverty and neglect.

In conclusion, the events of Poland has impacted the change during the period’s issue with conflict with other countries leading the starting of World War Two.

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