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Internet and Its Positive Effects Assignment

The Internet has made the world a smaller place. People across the world are closer together because of the increased use of the Internet communication. More than ever before, because of the advancement of technology and the use of the Internet, people are connecting. While social media is accused of negatively impacting society, it is highly effective form of communication, strengthening relationships and embracing the quality of lives. Using the internet as a tool for communications is a personal choice but the existence of social media and the changes it has made to human interaction can no longer be ignored.

Social media has proven itself to be an effective form of communication. Social media satisfies the human need for social interaction by providing an operable means to communicate. “Social media is a two-way street that gives you the ability to communicate too” (Nations, 2012, p1). A conversation through social media is seamless enough to provide a facility for two way communication with instant response transmittal, similar to that of the telephone or cell phone. It also provides communication that mimics physical mail by means of e-mail. Social media allows giving and sharing of knowledge.

It provides support for masses of information to be shared whether the information is in the last five minutes are hundreds of years ago. Social media permits posting and sharing of information. Any person with access to the Internet can post their opinions or findings on a subject in a matter of moments and receive responses from all over the world just as quickly. “Social networking sites allow people to create new relationships and reconnect with friends and family. Increased communication, even online, strengthens relationships” (Procon. org, 2012, p2).

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Social media has made communication available anytime for everyone who chooses to use it. Communication is the key to any relationship. The more communication is exercised the stronger the relationships potentially can become. Social media has allowed anytime anywhere communication that fits into the lives and needs of people. There are no rules for social media communication. An e-mail at two o’clock in the morning is not as disturbing as a phone call. It still meets the criteria of exercised communication and permits people to interact on their own terms.

Social media sites provide constant pportunities to meet new people. “Social networking sites bring people with common interests’ together, offer exposure to new ideas from around the world, and lower inhibitions to overcome social anxiety. People who have a difficulty communicating in person are more comfortable interacting via the Internet” (Procon. org, 2012, pg3). Finding someone to talk with on a common interest is possible at anytime because of the Internet and social media networking sites. People from all over the world are logging in at any given time and using their interest as the basis for meeting others.

The ability to communicate instantaneously with people known and unknown is as common as the wind blowing. ” This can be a way to connect with or ‘meet’ people that a student may not have had the opportunity to before…” (University of Pacific, 2012, p. 1). Carrying around a photo album or cd’s of music is a thing of the past. The Internet and social media allows the sharing of photographs, music and videos instantly. Recalling the name of a song or who played in that movie, with the advancement of available information shared on social media sites is instant, only taking a matter of moments.

A popular feature of Facebook is the ability to share photographs uploaded from a phone, camera or hardrive. There is an unlimited amount of storage available, which is a major advantage of Face book’s photograph sharing capabilities. Users of Facebook can share news stories, video and other files with friends. Most news and videos websites have buttons that can be clicked to share the story or video in a feed. The person sharing can make comments about the shared item that their friends can see. (Myers, 2012, p. 2). This feature makes keeping in touch effortless.

Spreading the news and making conversation is as simple as clicking a button and in an instant the information is spread to all friends and family. The ability to communicate is easier than ever. “Studies have shown being a part of a social network has a positive impact, including increased quality of life and reduction of the risk of health problems” (Procon. org, 2012, p 4). Social networks provide a place to share ideas, opinions and experiences. People give and take advice and find information expert sources to help them make decisions.

Increased quality of life is credited to social media because it permits isolated people to have interaction with others. In the past they may have been cut off or shut in because of a handicap or location but now Internet access is helping to connect the unconnected. The reduction of risk problems is related to social media because it is allowing people to research their health matters and make more educated decisions as well as connect to those that have had similar experiences or experts on the matter.

The influence of the Internet over communication has been high and undeniable. It has un-secluded the secluded and caused the destitute to no longer be isolated. The information shared on the Internet is linking people closer together than any other creation. Despite negative accusations, social media has proven itself to be a highly effective form of communication; it positively impacts relationships and embraces the quality of lives of all those that choose allocate it.





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