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International Olympic Committee Assignment

The first source comes directly from the International Olympic Committee official website. The article is about anti-doping rules, procedures and violations. The article has a short quote on the history of performance enhancing substances in the Olympic Games and provides its mission statement as to why it is dedicated in the prevention of them, protecting athletes’ health, respecting medical and sporting ethics and maintaining equal opportunities for all during competitions.

It lists the tests implemented by the IOC medical commission, previously used and those used in the Athens Olympics, giving the anti doping control procedure in its eight steps (Notification, Identification Formalities, Urine Sample, Doping Control Form, Laboratory Analysis, Results of and Abnormal analysis, Disciplinary commission, Communication to the athlete). The website also provides useful links to controls in Athens, the Fight against Doping and the Promotion of Athletes Health, IOC Medical Commission, Prohibited Substance list and the World Anti Doping Code.

The source has a variety of information and brings these across in a very informative way. It is headed by the IOC so information is precise and factual. It provides a general overview of the many subject areas listed above but it also has direct links to the medical commission and includes an interview with the IOC Medical Commission Director Dr Patrick Schamasch, so it has a number of academic sources with a high level of expertise.

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It presents information through different perspectives such as personal, through interviewing the doctor and stories on actual athletes, as well as being official information also. The article is relevant and timely as it is updated every day and also contains information from the history of drug doping as well as actual incidents from the Athens games itself. The website has a lot of production value as it is a professional piece of work.

The information published has no room for author opinion or bias as it is all about the procedures involved in performance enhancing substances and the stance of the IOC on there identification and prevention, so is truthful and accurate with reliable and transparent methods and results. Although the source is a reliable one, with strengths in its reliability and range of sources, it may have a weakness. For example the website is the official website for the IOC so could therefore be bias towards its procedures and the overall success of the games, in terms of drug testing.

The website is clearly not going to highlight possible faults with its procedure, testing and running of the games. It would only state, and does state, the constant evolution and need of change to the drug testing process. The website and its links state results from actual tests undertaken by athletes, highlighting that more have been caught than before but using this as a positive statement in their effectiveness. This could also be seen as a negative outcome as maybe the testing wasn’t as advanced for previous games as it is now, so maybe more athletes got away with it.

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