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Information technology Essay

Viewing the current scenario of any industry, it can be analyzed that the use of information technology has been growing since the past decade and has gobbled up most of the crucial processes followed by an organization. However, in order to keep up with the competition, all the organizations had to follow the same pattern. The same was observed in the restaurant industry which required the owners of these restaurants to innovate and use information technology as an avenue and not a barrier to grow their business in a manner that would be different from the other competitors.

This method would allow the restaurant to prosper even further. However, when this is thought about, there are a number of factors that must be considered for using information technology in the service industry where the customers must interact with the waiters. Within the restaurant industry, the level of service really matters and as has been defined for this paper, the service is really the relationship between the waiter and the customer. If this aspect would be digitalized, there is a chance that the service would lose its customization level.

In order to avoid any gaps in the technology used, the innovators must consider all the levels of interactions and how the technology can be sued to its best to overcome barriers of competition. The paper continues to discuss the benefits and the services that can be attained through the use of technology along with the pre requisites of staff training and other areas that, if overlooked may spell disaster for the company. The paper also discusses the qualitative paradigm of the research by using literature reviews of already published articles and researches, highlighting key points.

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