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Influences on personal learning Assignment

What the different types of learning styles are. One of them is auditory learners that means that people learn by being explained to by their teacher or reading out a piece of text that they have been given to read will help them to understand it more. When they are doing work or studying for a test listening to music can help them to concentrate or a quite area because they might get easily distracted by the noise and things happening around them.

Another learning style is visual learners they work best by watching people do thing so they know how it is done also by reading something for themselves and not being told what the piece of text says because they might find it hard to concentrate as well as looking at pictures is a good way for them to learn. The last learning style is kinaesthetic learners it is best for them to learn is by them being active in what they are learning for example doing practical lessons in science or any other subject also when something getting explained to them writing note help them understand it better.

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Some things that may influence the way that I learn for example is teacher that are in schools for example if I was tort by a teacher which always said that my work was wrong and never gave the praise me then that could affect the me by not trying my hardest in that lesson or the I could just stop doing that lesson. On the other hand if I was tort by a good teacher then I would have a good influence to learn in that lesson and I would try harder if the teacher gave me praise for their achievement and I would enjoy doing that.

Parent can have a big effect on their children learning styles for example if the parent encouraged their child to read when they were younger then it is more likely that the child would learn easier by reading. Friends also have an influence on my learning for example they could distract me from my learning by talking to me also I could choose the same lesson as them because I want to talk to them even though I may not want to do that lesson on the other hand friend can have a good influence on my learning because they might help me with my work if I don’t understand it also if I get off track they might encourage me to keep working.

I find it very hard to work at home because there is so many distractions so I also try and go somewhere were nothing is happening. My learning style is auditory learners because I find hard to concentrate when I am studying or doing work and the thing that works for me is if listen to music while I study or working and when I am studying something I like to read a big piece of text that explains all of it to me. . I also learn by reading an example of the piece of work I have to do it help me get a better understanding of how I should write the work.

One of my main goals is to become a psychologist or social worker one of my other goals is to learn Japanese but my smaller goal is to past health and social care with a high grade in it and then I want to go to university and take my education further. I have some knowledge in health and social care because I have done it before so I have a basic understanding of what I am being tort in the lessons. One of main skills is art I think I’m alright at it but I am not a professional I just like doing it for fun.

One of my other skills that I like to be very organized whenever I am doing something for example I organizes everything the night before by getting the clothes I’m going to wear the next day out before I go to bed and I put all my college stuff together the night before has well another way that I am organised is that I also have to know the time because I hate to be late for thing so I always map thing out in my head of where I’m going and how long it’s going to take me.

I am finding my course hard but I knew it was going to be like this it’s a good I like a challenge. The lesson that I like the most is anatomy & physiology because I’m learning so much in that lesson and also I interested in the human body but the lesson I fine least enjoyable is health and safety because there is a lot laws and legislations to learn. In all I am really enjoying the course and I like all the new people that I have met.

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