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Influences on my life – family, friends, religion and music Assignment

My religion has the most influence on my life because I am a born Christian and I always try to live my life according to the way the bible has shown me. My grandparents have always taught me about the importance of religion in our family. My religion means a lot to me because of this I not only have my own identity but also a loving family because my parents have always followed what their parents have taught them according to the holy Bible. I always try to read one chapter from Bible every day. Some days I miss my routine but I always try to start my day with the name is my Lord and then my parents.

The other most important thing that has influence on my life in my past, my present and my future is my family especially my parents. My parents have also taught me about the values within my family and my culture. My mother has always helped me to stay positive and achieve my goals in my life. She has always given me strength to fight and overcome my fears. My sisters and brothers has always support me through every phase of my life. They have encouraged me to face my mistakes and then set them right. My family has always helped me financially and emotionally throughout my life. They have helped to realise my importance in my family and in the world. There unconditional love has always help me to make right decision about my life.

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My friends have always helped to socialise and to face people with different backgrounds and personalities. They have always helped to stand out in the crowd and to feel more confident in the outer world. They also help me in my studies by encouraging me on my achievements and by also telling me what I have done wrong and what I can do better. My friends influence me by academic achievement and prosaically behaviors. I am influenced by my friends because they admire me and respect my opinions.

Good music always has a positive and direct effect on emotions. I love to hear Bollywood music and sometime Hollywood music. It is a fantastic source for tweaking my mood. Music always provides stimulation to my brain. It lifts my mood before going out. It also passes my time while washing up, travelling, reading and surfing the web. I like quite fast rock n roll type music in the mornings and afternoon and calms in the evening. It helps me to have deep and thrilling emotional experiences.

It also helps me to distract my mind from unpleasant thought which can sometimes easily fill the silence. It always encourages me daydreaming, sliding into old memories and cleansing. It has always helped me in sharing emotion, experiences and also helps me to connect with people more easily. One of the beauties of music is it helps me to accomplish more than one goal at a time. Uplifting music can divert, entertain and revive. Sad, soulful music can provide solace, encourage mental work and discharge emotions.

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