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Inequalities Issues Essay

The inequalities between women and men hinder the social, economic and political development not a country. To what extent do you agree? Do you think Inequalities exist between women and men In your country? Actually, “it is sometimes said that women have always been oppressed by men” (Australian National university, 2006). No matter whether in the past or in the 21st century, women are unfairly treated by the men. Also, people still have a concept that men are born to solve problems. But women are just born to be concerned with their family and being protected (Gray, 1996).

The same old story has been going on ever since human life began, and we called this situation, ‘discrimination’. some people believe that this problem will not affect the development of a country. However. I strongly disagree with this concept. This essay will discuss how the inequalities hinder the social, economic and political development of a country. From the social aspect, inequalities between women and men will cause several problems. Firstly, because of the unequal social status, women always are regarded as weaker who need men to protect them.

Also, men have strongly rejected the development of feminism because they have been the dominant gender in the history of humanity. The reason Is that men are scared women will have much more power than they have, so they try to stop the development got feminism and try to maintain the social status. Moreover, at this moment, most civil servants are men and they are willing to protect their interests. This will easily lead to unequal social resources distribution, resulting in the welfare of men being much better than women.

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As a result, there will e an increase of phallocracy and society will become more aggressive If the society becomes more aggressive, there will be many contradictions will occur and this will lead to society becoming disunited. Moreover, economic development will also be affected by the inequalities. In the current situation, it is clearly that unequal employment opportunities exist In different Industries. Businessmen would prefer to employ men rather than women; they think that men have higher working abilities than women.

Besides, unequal salaries is also one of the inequalities. It is easily found that men are always had higher salary than women, but their workload Is much lower than women, In most companies, unequal promotion opportunities to the high positions between men and women are very common, since most companies prefer to promote men to a higher post rather than women, as they think men have much higher working ability. Due to the unequal treatment, women will not enter the labour force and this will make the productivity of the country will become Inefficiency.

At last, there will be an economic downturn In the country. Lastly, the inequalities will also hinder the political development. It is an old story that women are regarded as weak In politics. Furthermore, modern societies still -follow the Old Greek Practice ot separating concern tor the home and family and concern tor politics” (Mueller, 1988)_ Now matter whether in the past or now, the unequal representation between men and women in the government still exists. According to revolutionaries, elected female legislators or major political executives, and wives of political men”.

Besides, since the members of the government are mainly men, so the administrative decisions made by the government will lead to unequal allocation of social resources. It is because the government will firstly consider the men’s interest before considering women’s interests. Although we are now living in a modern society, men still refuse to allow women to join actively politics. As the government is male- oriented, their decisions will not be the best for the country because it does not widely consider different aspects. Indeed, the minority will say the political power of women has been raised.

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