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The importance of Henry Ford Assignment

There is no doubt that Henry Ford is one of the most important people in social history. Not only did he make cars for the mass he, he brought classes together through the cars they drove and where they drove them. The mass production technique of the assembly line that Ford created had impact on the production of all other consumer goods. With the production line one could make a product quicker, more effectively, and for less cost. As the product cost less to make, it became cheaper for people to buy, and more people could afford it. The way that Ford made his cars was why it was so effective.

He doubled the wage he paid. By doing this more people worked for him more cars were made and more money, a gamble that paid off. The Model-T is an important example. The car started off its life at $1200 and in less than to decades the price had fallen to just $295. I don’t think it was the car that as important but what the car symbolised and what having a car meant to people. Anti-Semitism is and was nothing new. However for Ford to express these views so widely is something that one must take into account when trying to build an account of his life Ford had lived there American dream.

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He had been born with nothing ad worked his way up to be rich. People trying to be more like him may have thought that oppression of the Jews was the way to prosperity. While the opinions that he expressed stopped in 1927, nothing could repair the damage done. While Ford played a role on politics I think that his no-committal role shows us that he did it more as a statement that because he wanted power. As such an important person he had power over people because of how rich he was. He had more power and was less restrained by not being in office.

Setting up a unique museum has to be the less important thing historically. However while it may seem like a trivial thing, it helps historians see methods used to produce the first mass market cars. Henry Ford did a lot of things during his life. Some are the foundation of modern western society and we could not live with out them. Some were tings that people of the time could not have lived without. His contributions to charity will have had an impact on a small number of people. However if these people benefited from all his wealth, surly history can judge him as an icon in twentieth century history.

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