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Identity vs Confusion Assignment

“The only journey is the one within”. By Rainer Marie Rike. I picked identity vs. confusion because I am still developing my life goals and plans. I am on a journey with many obstacles to help me reach my desired path in life. Erikson believed that young adults are meant to go through a phase called psychosocial moratorium, which is the exploration with different roles and opportunities. He also coined the term ‘ego crisis’ and believed that it was one of the most important conflicts people face in development.

Ego crisis refers to the confusion between different roles, leading to prolonged moratorium, and intensified search and impulsive actions. In forming an identity, people achieve it by arriving at a sense of sameness and continuity. With this being said the three aspects that I am going to focus my paper on are as follows one is school, work and growth. I have picked these three topics because I believe that agree with me through my everyday life and as I discuss these things you will see the point in my life where I can grow and change.

To start off, school is a symbolic of identity vs. onfusion because every time I sign up for school it’s a problem with my financial aid it’s always wrong therefore I always have a student late fee. It’s also hard because I have night classes from eight till ten. As a result of these few problems it makes my academic part of life confusing because I end of stressing to make sure that I can accomplish the things I have to do to help me through the academic process. Dealing with infants can be a very difficult job sometimes. Although I love the position to be their caretaker. The management can be overbearing.

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There is constant traversing of children that makes confusion to provide an age appropriate lesson plans to meet the children’s needs.. The work environment that I am working in has it difficulties because the management team make it very hard to have any type of order and many times I never know when are my scheduled shifts and if I am even going to receive a break on some days.. The Sunshine House would be a wonderful place to work if they are willing to provide ongoing train to management to improve the unprofessionalism and disorganization. My job has a great mission but without the proper training the business will continue to fall.

Being able to give constructive criticism allow me to grow into possibilities of one day becoming a manager. Watching my peers at work enable me to learn from a group of indivuals with many different strengths and weakness. The work environment has increase my confidence in continuing to be independent, young, and determine. This opportunity has really given me a broader look on life and the goals that I want to set and achieve for myself. In my conclusion the reason I choose these three topics school, work and growth is because without them I wouldn’t be myself.

However these three traits best describes me because without a stable lifestyle my life plans and goals wouldn’t be going in the right direction. My education plays a major role because it is helping me become a better educator with this being said it ties into my job because I want to have the most recent information to educate my children effectively. Having a well-established education and working environment helps my overall growth as an individual. The reason I choose identity vs. confusion is because it represent me going through life changes.

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