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ICT in the Law Essay

The data protection act is there to keep people safe from identity theft. It also helps the police identify the criminals and stop them. This benefits people like me because it keeps my personal information safe when I use it on the internet and give my details when subscribing to a website. The act keeps my details safe from theft. Schools and colleges that I have been to have my personal information. They have my phone numbers and addresses. The Data Protection Act protects this information so it cannot be stolen. This means that they cannot give out any of my information to other people.

My doctor also has my information. He has my address, phone number and medical records which are kept safe on a database so my details aren’t stolen. My bank also has my details. It has my name, age, numbers and addresses. It also has my account details which need to be protected from thieves so my money is safe. Personal data must be got fairly and lawfully. It was brought in because more and more organisations were starting to hold people’s personal information on computers. This was a problem because nobody knew who was holding their information.

Data users must register all their purposes on a national register held by a Date Protection Commissioner and the data can only be used for that purpose. The second act was brought in after more people began to use the internet to collect information. This makes the community safer from identity theft and gives the thief a fine if he/she does wrongly. Data must only be used for the purposes that have been registered. This means that the minimum data required to complete any task can be held but not more than the minimum. Appropriate measure should be taken to ensure personal data is held securely.

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The act was updated in 1998 because people were starting to use the internet more. It also deals with the problems that weren’t around in 1984. Mr Hulse, Mr James and I have a lot of information stored by companies such as schools, doctors and dentists. This law means that any information they have about us is stored correctly, up-to-date, accurate and not sent out to companies who don’t abide by the data protection act. Mr Hulse and Mr James also hold information about people as part of their job.

They must make sure that any information that they have is in line with the 8 principles of the act. Data Misuse Act 1988 This was brought in to make computer hacking illegal on any sight, not just military or government ones. It is very important that anyone who is found trying to access, change or delete information on any site is punished, otherwise personal, medical, financial, education or other information would not be safe. This benefits me because it keeps all the information on my computer safe because it means nobody can get onto my account without my permission.

Therefore nobody can delete my information. For example, at school nobody can get onto my account and delete my work. Also, nobody can hack into my doctors’ records and change my medical records. It also protects my bank details so my money is safe. Copyright Designs and Patent act 1980 They created the copyright act because people were copying software, games, music, videos etc and were making money from it. The copyright law meant that people could not get music without paying for it.

It means that anything that I create cannot be taken if I copyright it. It also means that I cannot take anything that is copyrighted because it is illegal. I can download music, videos etc, if the maker has not copyrighted it. Mr Hulse buys all of the software that is out onto the RM network at school he therefore has to make sure that he has purchased the correct license agreements to do this. Mr Hulse also produces lesson resources and often uses information from the internet to do this he therefore must make sure that he has permission to do this.

Mr James is helped out by the copyright act as he creates a catalogue from images of products that he takes on his camera. This act should mean that people should not copy his magazine and try and use it at theirs. Health and Safety at work act (as applied to ICT) 1974 This Act was modified to help protect people who were working all day with computers. It helps to make sure that people do have breaks from the machines and that working conditions such as chairs, lighting, ventilation and cabling are all of a good standard.

They introduced foot rests and wrist rests etc to help prevent injuries such as RSI, (repetitive strain injury), or carpal tunnel syndrome and to help improve posture when sitting. This benefits people and makes them more comfortable and happy in a working environment. Because ICT is playing a much more important role in everybody’s lives it is just as important that society is protected against criminals who try to make money or affect people’s lives illegally. The law needs to try and keep up with the ever changing technology now used by everyone.

Evaluation Copyright Designs and Patent act 1980 I think that the Copyright Designs and Patent act is a not a very good piece of law as many people break this law and it is hard to police. It is easy to download movies and songs from the internet using PSP sites. It is also easy to buy DVD’s from car boot sales. I think people do this as it is hard for the police to actually try and find out information about the people that have done it. Compared to the fine that you get the rewards for the breaking the law out way it.

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