Hungary revolution crushed - Assignment Example

During this summer many peaceful demonstrations have broke out during the states of Eastern Europe especially in Hungary. These attacks have been aimed against the soviet repression that is choking the freedom of Hungary and a drop in living standards has occurred. These attacks have also been a result of Khrushchev’s own attack on Stalin. The premier mire Nagy had introduced many reforms but has been thrown out of office by his own party following pressure exerted by the Russians.

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Streets have been filled with rioting against the Russian soldiers in support of Nagy. ‘The soldiers would rape the women and pillage from all of us civilians, we felt like prisoners in our own country’ one man said who was in the resistance. Molotov cocktails would be used to enflame tanks and to scare the soldiers. A work strike has been ordered in to help with the uprising now known as the ‘Freedom fighters’ in just 5 days they have managed to defeat 2 soviet divisions and have full domination of the streets.

Hungarians now have a new sense of freedom, as there is now free press and people’s voices are being heard, there is even a talk of free elections and a withdrawal from the Warsaw pact. After the protests Nagy has now been allowed to return to office on condition that he used soviet troops and Hungarian police restore order. As Nagy has shown great capitulation to soviet forces, intense anger amongst his supporters and has now created even more civil unrest.

More riots have Began in Budapest, a statue of Stalin has been destroyed as well as Russian signs and Russian images on buildings and in western Hungary rebels have declared an independent republic based at Gyro. ‘We are tired of being afraid of Russia and ARVO, they constantly have there hands around our throats choking us for everything we have’ a hungering rioter quotes. But has been short-lived especially after Hungarian communists have subverted to the army.

On November 4th the soviet tanks have been ordered back into Budapest backed by hordes of troops and supported by air force. Nagy has turned against such aggression and has ordered his army to fight but due to this he has been arrested and shot. From the advance into Budapest on November 4th 3,500 Russian soldiers have killed and 20,000 Hungarians have also been killed. Hungary are maintained in the Warsaw pact.