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How to use photoshop Essay

Goal & Planning

Deliberate practice is a systematic and purposeful practice. To apply this practice method, I am going to learn the techniques to use Photoshop in twenty days. Photoshop is a popular software to design and edit images. It is a powerful tool with a lot of functions. Photoshop allows me to create a poster, greeting card, select the photo and improve my creativity. I hope I can learn to use this software effectively.

Before I start the practices, I will find a lot of information about Photoshop through the website. For example, I will search for the introduction to Photoshop and find tutorials by using YouTube. I demand of myself to learn and practice a different kind of functions for twenty minutes a day when I have some understanding of Photoshop. In these process of learning and practicing, I will follow the tutorials step by step.

After I am done with specific practice about Photoshop, I need to evaluate my level of using Photoshop and analyze the effectiveness of these practices. I will ask myself to create a picture or poster and combine all the skills that I already learned without any tutorials.


1ST day: Introduction to Photoshop

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First, I search the internet for some introduction to this software. From the website, I get to know about the interface of Photoshop and the use of tools such as Toolbox, Options Bar and Layers. After that, I try to create an image and do some simple work with these tools.

I have an initial understanding of Photoshop through this first session. The application of this software is too complicated so that I need to have some information about this software to make it easier for me to use it in the future.

2nd & 3rd days: adjust and crop the image

On the second day, I searched for a more straightforward tutorial to begin the practice. I try to bring the images into Photoshop in different ways. After that, I use the method that shows by YouTube to resize multiple images. It is an essential part for me to learn this software more smoothly in the following sessions. Thus, I try to lay an excellent foundation to deal with the rest of the course.

4th day: Remove Background (I)

I used a lot of tools to make the selection in the image to remove the background. There are different techniques that I can use to remove the environment from the image. This is a challenging practice for me because some of the pictures are too complicated, I need to use different tools and methods to adjust the image. Therefore, I complete this part of practice by using more than one day.

5th day: Remove Background (II)

I continue to do the practice of the previous day. In this time, I search another more detailed tutorial to help me understand the process of editing images. I keep trying to practice and follow the tutorials. Finally, this task was completed even though the picture is not well-edited.

6th day: Combine Image

I used the techniques that I learned previously to crop and remove the background of pictures. I make these pictures as materials and combine them to create a new image. In this part of the task, I brush up on the previous tutorials and become more adept with specific tools.

7th day: Clone Stamp Tool

I learned to use the Clone Stamp Tool; this tool is used to remove the imperfections and make the picture more perfect. I thought it is not a useful tool before I learned it but I realize that my works tend to be more complete when I applied this tool.

8th & 9th days: Add birds into Image

I learned to add a lot of birds to my photo. In this practice, I download an image with flying birds and move the birds to my gallery. It is the most difficult step in this practice because removing the background from the picture is not my strengths. Therefore, I used two days to learn this tutorial. On the second day, I already moved the birds to my photo. I adjusted the color of the picture to make the birds fit into my view. I feel great because I continue to make progress in every practice.

10th day: create rabbit of cloud shapes (masking)

I learned to develop the different way out of clouds. I used a picture of the rabbit as an example and brought it into Photoshop. After that, I copy a lot of clouds over the image of a rabbit and use Layer Mask to allow the vapors to fit the shape of a rabbit. In this session, I found that the interesting about Photoshop is that we can use the same function to create images with different effects.

11st & 12nd & 13rd days: Effect (rainy day/Rainbow/ripple)

I would use a daytime photo to change it into the rainy night. First, I try to adjust the brightness level of the photo. To add the effect of raining, I need to choose the Effect Layer styles and modify the effect.

On the second day, I learned to create a realistic rainbow into my image. I create a gradient to add the color of the rainbow and modify the width and opacity. In the third day, I learned to develop ripple and water reflection in a photo.

These tutorials seem easy to learn, but it is difficult to make them looks more realistic and incorporate the effect into the photo. Hence, I need more experience to improve the skills of using Photoshop.

14th day: Edit Color

I learned to change the Hue, Saturation, and Brightness of the images. It is an exciting practice because I can change the object to any color that I want. For example, I turn the red apple into the blue.

15th & 16th days: Font design

I used three days to learn the font design because we can create a variety type of text effect by using Photoshop. For the first day, I learned to develop a grass text effect by using the function of clipping mask and change the layer style to make it more stereoscopy. For the second day, I try to create my text effect because I can improve my creativity through this session.

18th days: Horror picture

In 18th days, I began to evaluate the functions that I learned in these days. I asked myself to add a horror effect to the photo by using two days. I found that different images need to be modified in different ways and I cannot just follow the tutorials to edit pictures. It is a chance for me to improve creativity and strain capacity.

19th & 20th days: Poster

For the last two days, I try to create a poster without following the tutorials. I found that I could not remember all the functions I learned. Hence, I must rediscover the use of photoshop in the process of creation. At the end of practicing, it gives me a sense of achievement when I complete creating my poster.

Overall Reflection

Using the method of deliberate practice to learn Photoshop is a pleasant experience. It enables me to keep learning whether I achieve my goal or not. Not only I learned to use Photoshop but I aware my strengths and weaknesses from these twenty days of practice. The most challenge of learning Photoshop is to use the tools flexibly. The tutorials are just a process to allow me to learn Photoshop so that following these tutorials entirely is not a right way to handle this software.

In the process of practicing, I would face the challenge actively and try to solve the problem when I met difficulty. I think the repetition of exercises is necessary because I am not familiar with Photoshop. Finally, it is important to use strategies for practice to make the process of learning effectively.

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