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How to stop Plagiarism Assignment

As a college student prepare for college; the importance of following every literary rule is essential. One of the biggest issues college freshman have is plagiarizing other work. Often plagiarism is done by accident; sometimes students do this on purpose. What is plagiarism is the unaccredited use both intentional and unintentional of somebody else’s words or ideas. Stolley states, “While some cultures may not insist so heavily on documenting source of words, ideas, images, sounds, etc. American culture does. In the United States originality is key to creating a great story or essay.

Teachers and professors have many tools at their disposal that help them catch plagiarism. A website that specializes in check for plagiarism a professor would simply type a sentence from a paper and the search engine would check the web for similarities. This makes the need to cite sources imperative to college students. To gain creditability and create your own ideas, the process of separating your ideas from someone else’s is need. I imagine many college students have copied something from the internet or book without citing the source.

A study by The Center for Academic Integrity found that 80% of college students admit to cheating or plagiarizing. With the information heavy world we live in today the access to different ideas and literary works makes it very easy to plagiarize. Plagiarism can result in expulsion from college, losing a job, and in some cases jail time. The severity of the punishment depends on the nature of the copying. For example if you are caught copying a research paper from Wikipedia in college, your professor will most likely gives you a zero.

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If a songwriter steals lyrics from someone the punishment can range from restitution to time in jail. Stealing others work is very serious matter. There are different degrees of plagiarism. If you vaguely copy something, there are laws are known as ‘fair use laws. ’ These laws are used as guideline, determining the nature and amount of work that may be borrowed without explicit written consent as stated by plagiarism org. Fair use laws can be broken down into three areas the nature of use. The amount used, and the effect of your on the original. Plagiarism org has defined each of the three areas starting with nature of use.

If you have merely copied something, it is unlikely to be considered fair use. If the material been transformed in an original way through interpretation, analysis, etc. , it is more likely to be considered fair use. The amount is also important. The more you’ve borrowed, the less likely it is to be considered fair use. And lastly plagiarism org states the effect on the original. If you are creating a work that competes with the original in its own market, and may do the original author economic harm, any substantial borrowing is unlikely to be considered fair use.

The more the content of your work or its target audience differs from that of the original, the better. Avoiding plagiarism is long process, but the finished product is a great piece of work that included in-depth research that infuses the ideas and opinions of the author as well as the facts and opinions of other. To avoid to copying and pasting throughout an essay citing all the locations and authors of your sources is vital. Make sure you give credit where it is due. Citing your sources gives a paper a great foundation and allows the reader to take your paper and do further research on the topic.

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