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How to Communicate in a Relationship Essay

Identify the different reasons people communicate

Communication is one of the most important aspects of working with others. There are many different reasons people communicate, but mainly it would be;

  • Building relationships: When meeting someone for the first time, you automatically use a form of communication to build a relationship with that person. This communication may be your body language or facial expressions, which begins to make contact with the other person.
  • Maintaining relationships: By continuously making your contact with others using communication, you keep a good relationship with them.
  • Gaining and sharing information: Communication is used at work to learn and share information, with professionals, colleagues, young people and their families.
  • Expressing needs and feelings: Communication is used to communicate our needs and feelings and allowing others to do so too.

Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting

When working with people on a daily basis, it is essential to establish good relationships with them. Working as a Residential Support Worker I communicate with my colleagues, parents, professionals and young people on a daily basis, and it is vital that I alter the way I communicate depending on who I’m talking with.

When communicating with my colleagues, I use a friendly approach, to build a good relationship with them so that as a team we can best support the young people in our care. When it comes to communicating with the parents, I make sure to be sensitive to their feelings for their child and also come across in a friendly yet professional way, to give them the confidence that their child is being looked after in the best way possible, and to maintain a positive relationship with them so that they can have a positive influence on their child.

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With professionals I use a professional approach to share and gain information about the young people I work with, to be able to support them best. And when it comes to the young people, I use a range of communication methods to be able to build trust and a good relationship with them, these include pecs and Makaton.

Describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication

The most important factor to consider when developing effective communication is your audience, as once you have established your audience you can choose which interface would be most suitable. If it’s a child that you’re communicating with, your language would be simpler then if you were talking with an adult. And if the person you are communicating with has communication difficulties or a hearing impairment you may use Makaton or pecs to support what you’re saying, so that they can understand you. When arranging appointments with professionals, you may choose to use email or talk to them over the phone. And when discussing sensitive matters with parents, you may find it best to do this face to face.

Explain how people from different backgrounds may use and interpret communication methods in different ways

Most of our communication is based on the culture we were raised in. When trying to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds, we often look for something familiar between us as an opening to talk with them. Someone from America may have different cultural experiences and values than someone from Europe, but there are things we all have in common. Perhaps we may listen to the same music, like the same sport, or have the same pet. We automatically begin with what we have in common.

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