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Hotel Balf Hungary Essay

Balf, located in North-Western Hungary is a historic Hungarian village: it was first mentioned in 1199, but it is known that the ancient Romans already inhabited the area: they were the first to explore the region’s healthy sulphuric springs. It became an important township in this region only in the 16C. This time some Austrian engineers started to regulate the springs here. In the 17C the first modern bathing facilities were built. When the railway had been laid down, more guests could reach the spa, so some reconstructions were needed.

New hotels and healing pavilions were built. In the 20C, until the Second World War, the spa life of Balf flourished. After the war, for some reasons, its popularity diminished. One rediscovered the possibilities in this region, and the mineral water only after the 60s. Although Balf with its atmosphere of intimacy is a place of complete rest, there are also lots of interesting things to see and do. The village, with a population of a thousand people is seven kilometers to the south of Sopron, the regions largest city.

If you decide to spend your holiday in a beautiful town, where many cultural programs are available, – such as cinemas, museums, different kinds of festivals and so on – you can visit Sopron. It is also close to the Ferto-Neusiedler Lake, which is part of the UNESCO world heritage list. The remarkable rural architecture of the villages surrounding the lake and several 18th- and 19th-century palaces adds to the area’s considerable cultural interest. You can visit the fine building complex of the famous Hungarian noble family, the castle of Esterhazy (Eszeterhazy Kastely) in Fertod.

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Not far from Balf, you may visit Nagycenk, which has played an important role in Hungarian history. There are lots of interesting things to do around Balf for those, who are interested in the natural heritage. Visiting the quarry in Fertorakos might bee an astounding experience. There is also an exhibition here about the nature of this area. It is also worth to visit the Lake Ferto nearby or to take some excursions in the surrounding hills and mountains. The Water in Balf Hungary is extremely rich in thermal waters, its thermal water reserve is significant on a world scale and on European scale it is outstanding.

Most of the mineral and medicinal waters contain dissolved minerals, providing medicinal and curative powers, and making them suitable for bathing and drinking cures. The water in Balf contains hydrogen sulphide, alkali, carbonic and lithium. You may use it not only by bathing, but also as drinking cure. It can be mainly used for treatments of rheumatic disorders. The Idea of a Wellness Hotel The application of concepts in the area The western part of Gyor-Moson-Sopron county is one of the most rapidly developing ones in the whole country, due to its close connection to the West.

It is a region of high traffic, foreigners travelling from west to south and vica versa. There is a frequent flow of tourists seeking for leisure. Not far away, another spa can be found in Buk. The idea is that Balf can provide as much as Buk, probably even more: it is closer to Sopron. Many spas of Hungary lack of alternative programs, there is no „flare” so to say. Tourists seeking for phsical-mental relaxation need a quiet place, but it seems that this is not enough. People living downtown try to move to the suburbs, because there they can find the much needed peace that makes them feel comfortable in their homes.

In a specific sense, Balf is a kind of agglomeration to Sopron. What to Offer? General: Swimming pools, 1 Thermal bath, Whirlpool, Steam room, Sauna, Solarium, Hair and Beauty. Wellbeing treatments: Baths: Relaxing Aromatic, Revitalizing Aromatic, Cleopatra, Hydromassage, Fitness: Fitness Room, Aqua Fitness, Fitness Group Exercise Classes, Yoga, Massage: Relaxation, Relaxing Aromatic, Relaxing Head and Neck, Revitalizing Aromatic, Thai, Special Hot Towel, Traditional Dry Brush, Anti Cellulite Medical Treatments for relaxation: Mud pack, Carbonic Bath, Kneipp Therapy, Underwater jet massage.

Therapeutic treatments: Hydrotherapy: Alternating temperature bath, Carbon dioxide bath, Underwater jet massage, Underwater traction bath, Balneotherapy: Medicinal drinking water, Medicinal bathing water, Physiotherapy: Individual therapeutic exercise, Group therapeutic exercise, Foot reflex massage, Medical massage, Ultrasound, Electrotherapy and Packing: Mud packing, Ritex, Fluor, Sulflur, Parafango, Inhalation: Salt inhalation, Oxygen inhalation, Medicamental inhalation, Complementary: Magnetic therapy, Reflexology, Phototherapy.

Aside from the natural resources, competent personell and reliable help would also be available to make the best out of the guests stay. Staff Management The hotel would hire well-trained front office, back office and FnB staff, paying attention to previous four or five star hotel experience. There would be a qualifiedmedical personnel with additional fitness trainers and animators. Target Segments The hotel would try to reach the upper-middle class clientele aged between 30-50, and elder people in early retirement It would also be family oriented.

Target Markets The main market would be the German-speaking countries, due to good accessibility. The hotel would also focus on Scandinavian guests, because there would be a good service-rate ratio. Russia is an important emerging market: accessibility shouldn’t be a problem, as there are airports in a radius of 60 minutes (Vienna, Bratislava). Sales Channels Classic channels: tour operators, agents, own network. New channels: online reservation systems, which are publicly accessible.

Marketing Tools The hotel would use all main tools: direct marketing through press (electronic and conventional), professional magazines and fares. Familiarisation trips are probably the most effective ways to win cutomers. Online marketing is an important necessity in the 21st century. We should not forget the most important factor in marketing: good feedback. Satisfied guests provide the best advertising power for the hotel, so constant guest satisfaction control is needed.

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