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Hospital Maintaince Engineer Essay

Career description

Hospital maintenance engineer career entails working to maintain the hospital systems for in order to enhance their efficiency (Carter, et al., 2009). The maintenance engineer handles a number of things such as checking the air conditioning equipment within the hospital, the ventilation systems, and the heating. As such, the job opportunity is involving because failure to ensure proper workability of all systems can be dangerous in a bid to ensure that the patients stay in a good environment. On a typical day, the hospital maintenances engineer manually operates, checks systems and the safety of the equipment. This is in an effort to ensure that all systems are in good condition, and carry out maintenance services in order to enhance their efficiency. Thus, the career of a hospital maintaince engineer fits personal training because of its specifications.

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The environment for the job of a hospital maintenance engineer is solely within the confines of a hospital institution. The engineer concern himself with the provision of a favorable health environment to keep the patients comfortable. On a daily basis, the engineer will always work towards ensuring that the hospital conditions are good in terms of the temperature, and air circulation.

Educational requirements

According to Carter, et al., (2009), in order to become a hospital maintaince engineer, one requires to have at least a high school diploma. In such a case, one will have an on-the-job training through either vocational training or apprenticeship. Both vocational training and apprenticeship are equally important for gaining favorable experience in the career. The education period to become a fully recognized hospital maintaince engineer can last for about 4 years, or eve more in some cases.

Pathway for the career

The hospital maintenance engineer career falls under the support services pathway. The support services pathway accommodates all those occupations where the professionals provide a therapeutic environment for the delivery of good health care. The services offered by hospital maintenance engineers offer conditions that enhance the realization

Career standards

The career requires of a hospital requires one to uphold high moral standards, and ethical considerations. The moral apply when it comes to the relationship with the other employees, and also the patients. In addition, there should be ethical considerations while undertaking the routine tasks.

Personal qualities for hospital maintaince career

A person aspiring to become a hospital maintaince engineer requires to possess certain qualities in order for the realization of success in the field. The first quality for such a person is having a positive attitude towards the work. The work does not offer any pleasure. Instead, it presents a series of monotonous routine tasks that are boring. Thus, having a positive attitude will help one to keep up with the demanding nature of the job in a bid to make the patients live stay in a comfortable environment (Parsley, et al., 1999).

Career potential growth rate and job outlook

The potentiality of the hospital maintenance career in terms of the growth rate is quite high, although that is in the restricted places such as hospitals (Carter, et al., 2009). The field is very attractive for those people who have passion in offering support services. However, for the hospital stationary engineers, the job growth does not seem to be quite fast-paced. However, it is gradually gaining some popularity, and opportunities are opening up within the health sectors. As such, in the near future, those people interested in the career line would be in for a surprise, as it may become one of the best employment choices. The job outlook for the hospital is on a good lane, and as such, makes the job quite exemplary.


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