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The holocaust proves that God forgot his covenant with his chosen people Essay

I think that God hasn’t forgotten his covenant with his chosen people because God is always there, Omnipresence, and one event in the whole course of history should not change this fact. God is still who he is, he just can’t help all the time, as his chosen people would then not know how to deal with traumatic situations if they had always been saved from them. Many different people have different views on God, and his various promises with his people. Some Jews, believe that God is now dead. If there was a God, he would have prevented the Holocaust.

Since God did not prevent it, then God has for some reason turned away from the world, and left us for forever more. This is probably the most logical thought towards agreeing with the statement and so therefore has the most Jews believing it over other views concerning the agreement of the statement. This theory is known as theothanatology or the God is dead movement. The majority of people that believe the covenant is dead are those that never believed in God in the first place, and as they never did, and probably never will, it won’t affect them at all.

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Most Jews however, still believe that God is alive and well, and was always there. The view they choose to take is that they were being punished yet, almost every Jew that believes this has a different take on why they were being punished in the first place. Some Rabbis believe that the Zionists were the problem. As Zionists are people that believe in getting the chosen land themselves, instead of when God chooses, rabbis believe that they made God angry, so he punished them, in a way that would really hit home about their sins.

Zionists however, believe that it was a collective punishment for unfaithfulness to the land they had been chosen to occupy. For each group, I believe that they themselves feel that blaming someone else, will make them feel better. Finally, there is a view that doesn’t come under one specific thought either for or against the statement but both. This is the thought that God for some reason God became absent during this period, so didn’t help because he wasn’t there. This theory is known as a temporary eclipse of God.

There is nothing anyone can do about it, and no way of preventing it from reoccurring. It is just one of those natural, unexplained occurrences that can’t be explained. In conclusion, I think that everyone has their own opinion on the relation between the covenant and the holocaust that suits them, and sums up what they think. No particular opinion is the right one, as everyone views God in a different way, some people see him as all knowing, all present, all powerful and all good (omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent and Omnibeneficient) or just there but having no control.

This causes conflict, which could also be a reason as of why the Holocaust happened in such an extreme way. What if God did help, but instead of helping the Jews, God helped the British and American army to victory, resulting in the freedom of the Jews. No one knows the truth about why God did or didn’t help, and I think that there Is no point worrying about it. I think people should just stick to their religion and not disbelieve due to this one event in history.

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