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High School Assignment

It’s the bandwagon effect! As a cohort. we are faced with many challenges throughout our daily life at school. We are led to believe that it is a norm to swear, we do it almost spontaneously, and we don’t think about it, it’s almost second nature. So why do we do it? It’s a bandwagon effect! When we start our transition from primary to secondary school, we are told that we are the ‘babies’ of high school-Just Iike the preps In primary schools. As year 7’s we don’t want to create a bad Image as It Is going stick throughout our high school life.

We don’t want to be the subject of bullying or be isolated from our peers. So what do we do? We try to fit in! Without knowing, we are disrespecting teachers, talking back to them, throwing chairs and tables at them, all for attention from our peers. We try to create an image of either a ‘class-clown’ or a ‘badass-rebel’. The entertainer of the class is always popular, so others try and mimic his/her actions. This leads to the students shifting their attention towards studying to other distractions Ilke talking, computer games etc.

In the blink of an eye, the single eacher is trying to control 25-30 teenagers talking on top of each other, causing the teacher to have no other option but to start screaming at the kids, keep them in for detention or send them to the principal’s offce. While the handful of kids who are trying their hardest not to get distracted, are left unattended and stripped of their opportunity to learn. Parents are majorly responsible for the disruptions, since most of them refuse to listen to the teachers complain about their child and abuse the teachers instead, as a result, encouraging their kids to continue the atrocious ehavior.

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This time also, the teachers are the victims, from the students as well as their parents. There are parents out there who are serious about their child’s education and want them to succeed in high school to face the real world for better life opportunities. They tailor themselves to be a better role model for their children. Based on these characteristics, it is not difficult to see why motivated students are more successfull Motivated students can rightly take credit for their own achievements, but most of them also owe a debt to the people who started them out n the right path”their parents.

Asa parent you have a large role to play In whether or not your child will be motivated to do his best in school. In the end, it’s up to him/ her”but you can create an encouraging environment. The school environment is also just as important in nurturing their students. We need more positive and student engaging activities, more leadership opportunities and creative challenges. Year 10 is only bringing us closer to leaving our high school life behind and stepping out Into the real world, we want to enjoy our childhood days and celebrate being ogether.

Along with that, It Is also an Important year, It Is a year where SATs are common, and It’s a year where we begin preparauons towards year 12. studying Is a fundamental element students need to concentrate on in order to successfully achieve our life goals. As my dad always says, Year 10, 1 1 and 12 are the 3 years of your life that are going to be the hardest and the most important years. you have to balance between your social life, family life and relationships. along with the hormonal changes, mood swings and all the body image phases we have to face. Of2 for studying if you re-arrange your priorities.

At school we want to be challenged! We want more hands on activities as well as open discussions in classes about the current issues. Not only will this improve and broaden our knowledge about the world but also push our boundaries and challenge our ideas and thoughts. We get to learn more about the world and explore in our own little world as well. We want more opportunities for discussions because it will make us think about the cons and pros before arguing, broadening our horizons on decision-making. Quizzes about certain topics and tests are also beneficial.

We can discuss the questions we got wrong and how we can avoid the problems when we tackle them again. The spontaneous swearing in classes as well as outside is a big issue in our school. It not only leads ‘outsiders’ to have a negative impression about us as a cohort but also un-able them to go deeper to discover that there are students who are respectful and responsible with the words they use. Alas, it is rarely the case when our school or our area is looked upon positively. We are viewed as a place full of drug addicts, smokers, hormone-raging fight pickers.

Because of these disrespectful kids, the handful of kids who are responsible are also frowned upon when they mention the place of their education or residence. In order to tackle this problem, we need to have incursions or people in school who are willing to discuss the negative effects that the students will face in their coming future if they continue to promote this unruly behavior. They need to be informed of the opportunities they are stripping themselves of, that homelessness, drug addicts, criminals are possible paths ways hey are leading to without knowing.

That they are the drivers of their life and it’s never too late to steer in the right direction. They also need to be informed of the destructive effects their one or two swear words can cause to people. They don’t know how other people will take the words so they need to control their words. Of course we cannot stop this completely but we have to start somewhere in order to start this change and create our own bandwagon effect where people will happily follow. Accelerated classes, bean bags- as substitute for chairs in some cases.

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