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Is it healthier to live in the country or a city Essay

Power stations and vehicles release pollutants into the atmosphere when they burn fossil fuels. These affect the environment. The only way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is to burn fewer fossil fuels. Other pollutants can be reduced by cleaning the waste gases generated by power stations and vehicles.

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. Increasing amounts of it in the atmosphere is helping to cause global warming.

Particulate carbon, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide can make it difficult to breathe. It is unlikely they cause asthma, but they may trigger an attack.

Acid rain – from sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide – is harmful to the environment. It reacts with metals and rocks such as limestone. Buildings and statues are damaged as a result. Acid rain also damages the waxy layer on the leaves of trees, making it more difficult for them to absorb the minerals they need for healthy growth. These trees may die. And it can make rivers and lakes too acidic for some aquatic life to survive.

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These things happen in both country and city

Are the members of the public that live in the country generally healthier than the members of public that live in the city? A lot of people may think that country life leads to a much healthier life due to less pollution, is this speculation correct?

Many people believe that country life is a lot healthier than living in the a city because people assume that there is much less pollution, however if we think about it more carefully there are a huge amount of cars which of course have to go on further journeys to the shops and towns etc. , tractors and even factories all of these things have a massive carbon footprint and not to mention the houses in the country, of course they have big carbon emissions as well. Crop sparing also takes place in the country, this releases chemicals and pesticides into the environment.

However country life is not all bad of course there are many eco friendly advantages to country life such as:

* Not many traffic jams

* Not as much pollution as in the city

* Opportunities to grow your own food

* More bike friendly routes resulting in less petrol being used

* Easy access to fruit and vegetables due to local, independent farmers

* Opportunities to keep animals to produce food such as meat, eggs, milk etc.

Other people believe that for them city life is healthier for them for many reasons:

* More public transport

* Some people don’t need to use a ca at all due to public transport and bikes

* Less farm land therefore less chemicals and pesticides used

* People sharing houses so less carbon emissions.

I think I can trust my evidence because it backs up both sides of the argument and it is written in an article which explores being eco- friendly.

I have closely compared both sides of the argument and in my opinion country life is healthier than city life because there is far less pollution and more eco friendly advantages that city life has. However on the other hand I do understand why people think city life is better for them. I think the city should take some ideas from the country in order to make city life even healthier.

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