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Health care organization Assignment

Consider a health care organization that is unable to meet all of its relevant regulatory requirements. Answer the following questions about this organization * What short- and long-term actions should they use to come into regulatory compliance? For an organization, understanding the issues around regulatory compliance can be a difficult and frustrating attempt. A short-term action an organization has to use to come into regulatory compliance is identifying standards of care. An understanding of professional practices is a key element of the review of professional liability exposures.

Knowledge of such standards is crucial in controlling risk during the development and implementation of new and alternative treatment regimens. A long-term action is ensuring that the regulatory approval process is conducted in a timely and cost-effective manner. The primary purpose of measuring consumer satisfaction is to improve the quality of care provided should always be kept in mind. This principle should guide in what data are collected, how they are collected and most importantly, how they are analyzed and reported. * Is one regulation more important than another? Explain your answer.

No, all regulations are important because an organization’s success and sustainability is heavily dependent on maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and achieving accreditation status. Health care organizations must answer to legal regulatory requirements to conduct business and offer products and services. Regulatory standards are a minimum set of required expectations of performance issued by an industry-authorized agency or professional association designed to address quality and competence. What criteria could the organization use to prioritize its efforts?

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State-imposed disciplinary and licensure mandates should be clearly understood by risk management professionals and human resource personnel alike. Leaders should measure the functioning of important processes and services and identifying the changes that enhance performance. The goal of leaders is to provide a safe, functional, supportive, and effective environment for patients, staff members, and other individuals in the hospital. It is important for providers to understand the regulations, participate actively in the survey process, and maintain an ongoing dialogue with reviewers.

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