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Health Care and Affordable Care Act Essay

Proposal for Recommendation Report on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Identify the topic and purpose of your memo-to propose or ask permission to write a report on a specific topic to satisfy course requirements. Be sure to state clearly the subject, purpose, specific audience and report type for your project. The purpose of this memo is to ask permission to write a report on PPACA- Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Importance of Research* I am writing about this topic to inform and educate myself and grandmother on the PPACA.

It needs to be written about because it affects my grandmother and also all Americans depending on their situation. The background issue is understanding and deciding what level of plan my grandmother should use based on her health and income. Americans who are looking to comprehend and consider PPACA. Goal and Scope* The main goal of this topic is knowing what level of plan my grandmother will be using based on her needs and income with the health insurance.

Insurance Plan level * Income * Health needs * Provisions * Funding * Wellness Programs Methods and Sources* I implored two main data banks for my research, one being Google Scholar and the other being Google. Google Scholar is a database of papers and reports that are cited from credible source and also written by known authors or professors. Google presents both sides of the argument and I feel this search engine is unbiased if you go through the pages of results.

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The sources I have found to be credible and well rounded in their overall knowledge are- United States Department of Labor, Congressional Research Service and the American Journal of Law and Medicine. Each source has its own particular views and biases. The United States Department of Labor has a bias towards promoting PPACA The Congressional Research Service does not present much of a bias in their overall report. The American Journal of Law and Medicine presents a case of negative costs and negative overall impact for years to come.

Their bias is shown throughout their paper in many different forms. All three sources are reliable and present both sides of PPACA and help my understanding of which form of healthcare my grandmother will best benefit from. I plan on citing my sources MLA format, working bibliography provided on the last page of proposal. Time Management Between the proposal and the due date for the final report my time management will be greatly organized during my search for a career after college as well as moving into my new home in a different location.

I will overcome these roadblocks by setting daily goals and reporting to my planner for working duties on my report at a certain hour during that day. By setting these I can plan around for activities most likely after I finish for the day what needs to be done. If found my career before the due date of my report there will be a credible amount promoted once my 9-5 work day is inished. I will most definitely have to put the unloading of my boxes for the apartment at the end of my priority list until this report is finalized.

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