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Haunted Playground – The Playground of Death Assignment

Why hello would you like to hear the story of the haunted playground… 1893, just before these kids knew about the playground and the truth about their parents… two children Jake and Summer, two ordinary kids for now. They are the richest kids in Gettysburg Transylvania, and the worst most spoiled, rotten… brats! Their parents loved them dearly but everyone else hated them , nobody talked to them , nobody asked to play nothing they had each other and their millions of toys. Back then it was hard to have a lot of money but this family’s “bank account was a gold mine”.

Jake and Summer went to school while their parents went to work. They were the teachers pets they gave her every other day a gold ingot . Then in return she gave them no homework and if they failed a test she would still give them 100% on everything. They may of had 2 friends and they were also rich too… Lucas and Autumn, and were they the best of friends. they are new to the town they moved here after their Dad struck rich during the gold rush. These two family’s got along well so did the kids.

To this day october 31, is the day Autumn, Lucas, Summer, and jake went outside and disturbed some ghost’s slumber, the family’s owned a lot of land and an old playground… the parents sent the kids outside and the kids played on the playground and it was 3:00pm and once they slid down the slide and swang on the swing that’s when it got dark… The wind howled and the trees spoke , then 4 people young people came and said … why did you come here!! they said are parents forced out here.

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You will regret this choice say goodbye to the world and come live and kill people with us, it’s so much fun. ust say you want to or we’ll hang you and make you suffer… or you can come with us and live but not live. “you! ” ok if you say so… so the kids went with them and are stuck in a dead like prison with no contact to anyone stuck in there forever… so until this day which is what we now call halloween, these rich, spoiled , brats , are on that haunted playground swinging and sliding waiting for another child to kill. so if you want a fright go and see this sight and knife will take you life and you will be no more.

But before we go… The parents of these children didn’t care about them and those parents still don’t know or care about their kids but,their parents were dead and that’s why these kids had no friends but themselves and to think they were all alone because they were and all this time they didn’t know that the playground was haunted and that their parents were dead and those were just holograms and how nobody cared for their lives or them because people get jealous and then people rubb things into other people’s faces to make them suffer… don’t do this or you’ll turn into them gone for more than 100 years. uffering wanting, regretting your choice just want to go back into the world to live again see your family live life like you have never lived before.

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