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Did God create the earth Essay

Well, did God create the earth? For many years we, the human society have debated and argued about how the earth was formed. There has even been people killed when two religions try and fight against each other just to try and prove that their religion is more correct than the other, it’s chaos. Many people believe in the “Word of God” but is this really how earth was created? There are many different theories, much more logical, much more realistic and much more believable than the “Word of God”. But its up to you to decide which one to follow.

Maybe you won’t follow any! Well let’s see. The Bible has been around since the “beginning” and to be honest when you first read the Bible or when you are first told about it there isn’t really much we can say that is wrong but I think to be fair it just sounds a bit metaphorical, unrealistic and maybe a bit farfetched. So you should all look a bit closer and try make sense of it all. What do you have to say? Why would or why should you believe in the Bible? Well there are a lot of reasons why you should.

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For one, many of you have said, after prayers, that you have had miracles happen. Maybe one of your family members has been sick and then they start recovering from a life threatening condition, so do you think God is really answering your prayers or maybe the doctors got it wrong? Think about it, it isn’t magic. Is it? An example of one of Gods miracles is when his son Jesus heals the ten men who have leprosy in Luke 7 v 1:10. This is just like what could have happened for you, by showing your faith God will help you.

Genesis: 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” Well there it is, what is there to argue about? God created the heavens the earth in the beginning so how can we prove this is wrong. Science. Science proves that God might not have created the earth and as well as being realistic and not being too farfetched it is also very believable. The most understandable, scientifically proven way that the earth was formed was the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang theory assumes that the universe began from a singular state of infinite density.

In 1927, Georges Lemaitre used Einstein’s theory of relativity equations to devise a cosmological theory incorporating that the universe is expanding from an explosive moment of creation. Now, doesn’t this seem a bit more believable than a “God” creating the earth? There are also other scientific theories like the Steady State theory and Red Shift. The other main theory is the Steady State theory and it is based on the “Cosmological Principal”, namely, that the universe is similar in space and time. The density of the galaxies and the universe remains unchanged.

Well these scientific theories are a little bit hard to understand but still I think they are a lot more believable. Some of you believe that the earth has always been here, so we must have evolved from something that lived on the earth. Or maybe we have always been here as well. Christians say that God created the earth so proves that earth hasn’t always been here. So God must have always been here? But Christians also say he created the first humans but, after looking at the bone structure and the behaviour of apes there is a very noticeable similarity between humans and apes.

So we could have developed from them. Also if he made the first humans, Adam and Eve and all of the animals what about the dinosaurs? We could not have lived with dinosaurs. Then there was the ice age and we definitely could not have lived through this. So maybe there are a lot of things wrong with the Bible, and there are a lot of holes to pick in it. There are also many other faiths, many other cults, many other religions, many other idols and many other Gods to take account of, each of them with their own religious ideologies. So how can we be sure of which one is correct?

Christians have the bible to say that their God is the right one, but all other cults, faiths etc. have something which would make their argument equally as acceptable. We cant just say that the christian God is the right one just because the majority of people follow it, can we? To be fair we would have to take into consideration all of the other religions beliefs and just listen to what they have to say. Finally, did God only create the heaven and the earth like it says in the bible? If so then who made all of those other planets?

Who made all of those other solar systems? Who made all of those other Galaxies? Was it more gods, so there could be more than one God now. So if the Christian God is not the only one, how can he be our saviour? I think it is more logical and more believable to believe in the scientific theories as they actually make sense and cannot be proven wrong. Well its up to you to decide what to believe, I can only persuade you to believe what I think is right. But I will wait for the time to come, for me to be proven correct or to be proven wrong!

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