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Global Warming: True Essay

Global warming has been in the spotlight for quite a while. It has been the centre of many political conferences and in the media, as world leaders try to figure out a way for the world to reduce carbon emissions, which are gradually warming up our planet. But is this true?

According to many scientists, the Earth’s global temperature has increased, especially from the late 1900’s, as is shown by the graph. They believe that the Earth is warming up, and the extreme, freak weather, and the ice caps that are melting, due to rising sea levels are proof that global warming is happening. If so, this will have a great impact on every country. Islands and cities bordering rivers are more likely to be flooded, and summers will be drier and winters will become wetter. But the weather, through history has always been constantly changing. For instance, if you put an ice cube from your freezer on the table, measured it and checked the melt rate, what you will find is that at a constant temperature, it melts faster as it gets smaller, no extra warming required. How is this proof of global warming?

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In January, 1998 in England (red bar) the average distance from normal was 1.5. In January, 2007 in England (red bar) the average distance from normal (degrees Celsius) was 3.3. In October 1998, the distance from normal was -0.1. In October 2007, it was 0.5. The graph does show that there have been changes in the weather, but nothing too drastic.

I believe that there is enough evidence to suggest that global warming is really happening. The graphs show the trends, in 1998 and 2007 in England and also how global temperature has risen. Today, we create a lot of carbon dioxide by burning more fuel, wasting fuel and cutting down trees which take in the carbon dioxide (deforestation). Is it really a wonder that the Earth is warming up? Carbon dioxide and other gasses make up a layer to keep us warm. Without it, the Earth would freeze. But too much of it isn’t a good thing either-unpredictable weather, flooding.

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