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Global Environmental System – The Global Climate Change Affects on UK Essay

Since now, the global warming, the so caused global climate change and consequent effects on the global eco-system are getting worse increasingly. Human beings begin to pay more and more attention on the series of problems, which were directly or indirectly caused by human activities. The lake are filled by sands, trees are losing away, air is full of dust, all of those phenomenon are happening at every corner of the world, also including Britain. Before looking onto this part, we should be aware of the global general climate trend first. The climate on the Earth

The climate is different with the weather. Usually the climate is described as the average weather condition over a relatively long period. However, it is not the only definition of the climate, there are over 50 definitions are accepted in the worldwide. Also the climate is always defined as in a local area; because the local climate is formed by many factors, and the factors are not always the same in vary areas. There are mainly three determinations of the local climate, which are sunlight radio level, the atmospheric circumfluence and the surface situation.

By these reasons, although the earth seems to be a blue planet, there are still numbers of different climate areas, which are called as the climate zones. These are the multi-reasons of the appearances of Torrid Zone and Frigid Zone, rain-belt and arid-belt, equator and the two poles. All of these are created by the natural force, since the earth was born out. As the time goes by, species on the Earth were evaluated. Dinosaurs died out because of volcano’s movement and earthquake, then after a long period the human’s foot-tracks appeared on the Earth.

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The effects on climate and human life With the regularly advanced civilization of human beings, the world climate began to change unnaturally. People always criticize the twice Industrial Revolution, the Arms Race, the waste of resources in the developing countries, the wars and some other problems. Most of them think if human just live on the earth without seeking luxury goods, but only grow vegetations to feed themselves, cut some trees to get warm, hunt some animals to eat, the earth will not be damaged at all. However this kind of idea is ideal, it didn’t happened and won’t happen.

As the aspect of an American scientist, the global warming, which is the main climate problem at present, is not only cause within the few hundred years, and not just related to the industrial development. He analysed the ancient climate data and found that the climate began to be influenced by human beings’ activities since at least 8,000 years ago. His aspect shows the carbon-dioxide has been largely increased by the reason of disafforestation by the ancient peasants of Europe, India and China at that time. Meanwhile, a large number of firedamp was released by the ancient residents growing paddy and domesticating livestock.

Those activities have led the global average temperature raise by 0. 8C, even before the setting in of Industrial Revolution. So it indicates that the existence of human being is bringing more and more heat and hazards to the Earth. As can be seen, the temperature is stably rising as the developing of human’s civilization. Now the two poles become the Holy Land of doing scientific researches is just because the low temperature baffled human to settle down, ecosystem there are well-protected. Nevertheless, as the consciousness of human to develop and extend the globalization, the pollution also being spread out globally.

The two poles are also under threatened of heat waves. The big hole of ozonosphere over the South Pole has been in there for over 10 years and continually enlarging. As the result of the world environmental condition’s change, natural disasters are spreading all over the world. At present, the Sub-Sahara region is still under threatened of increasing desertification; the Florida Coasts is at risk from storm surges; the Maldives is suffering from floods, the Pacific Islands are under threatened by sea level rise; and the North Atlantic Ocean currents may change and affect the British climates.

Generally, the global climate is an interactional system. The contaminative gases out of the mills in London can be blown cross the oceans, and finally get to the South Pole. After that the ozonosphere becomes thin and at last disappear out, the sunlight with ultraviolet radiation then starts to irradiate onto the ice blocks at South Pole, and consequently ice been melt into water and the sea level start to rise, this time the one under threatened would be London itself.

Although in fact, London is not the city so call “world factory” and longer, and the mists have been disappeared in London most of the years, the climate is becoming more and more strange and unpredictable in the British Isles. At present, scientists forecast the world mean temperature in 2080 will be about 4C higher than today. If the climate change works faster, will it be the year for Earth to be expired in 2080? It is possible, and it is not so far from us. Climate change over UK The climate in Britain is relatively temperate.

British Isles lie to the west of Europe Continent, about half way between the equator and the poles. The temperature in the sour seasons used to fluctuate around the average temperature. By the great influence of the warm current running from Gulf of Mexico, the zero degree uniform temperature line is moved into the Arctic Circle, and many ice free ports have been made by it. Further for more, to be surprised, the north ambit of the evergreen broadleaf forest, which is sensitive to cold weather, has been amazingly moved to the north of the 50 N. British Isles have gained lots of benefits from this warm current.

But recently, the scientists are warning that the Britain will face a climate as cold as Iceland’s. As the prediction of the American researches, by the influence of Global Warming, the warm currents from Gulf of Mexico is running away, less and less heat quantity will be gained by British Isles. The research also shows The volume of water flowing through the northern loop of the Global Conveyor Belt, which runs from the Arctic to Scotland, has fallen by a fifth over the past 20 years and the current is weakening further by 2 to 4 percent every year.

Meanwhile Sarah Hughes, an oceanographer from the FRS Marine Laboratory in Aberdeen who worked on the study, said the Gulf Stream may be in trouble: “If cold water outflow is decreasing, we speculate that the warm water inflow towards the Arctic, past northern Europe, will also be reducing. ” In the past, the Gulf Stream transported about 27,000 times as much energy as the maximum out put of all Britain’s power station. So it is obvious that the British climate would be affected greatly. Maybe it is not caused by UK, but the one that would suffer from it will be the British Isles.

However, this possible prediction would eventually happen in the future. Despite of rising sea-level, desertification, extinction of species, some other unusual disasters are happening over the UK. The year 2003 is a remarkable year in the British climate history, because the ever hottest days in British history happened in this year since 1659. The year 2003 on 10 August, the thermometer registered 38. 5C (101. 3F) at Faversham in Kent. Then people could not be managed to think of the never stopped Global Warming, Wars and Greenhouse Gases.

Then these have been proved, according to the words from Professor Phil Jones, the co-director of the CRU(Climatic Research Unit), said this record could not be accounted for by natural climate variability, and can be attributed to global warming caused by human activities. This time the leading scientist unusually made a direct target, because during the three hottest months in the Europe Continent the average temperature was above norm by 3. 78C, which far in excess of anything recorded before and directly resulted over 15,000 people died in France.

Even scientists were shocked on it, they were shocking at the change comes so quick that further than human’s prediction. Climate history of UK As we all know, climate change in a local area needs a relatively inerratic and far-flung term. Although the Britain’s climate now is not only the result of naturally atmospheric change, it is not totally the outcome of human activity in recent hundred years either. Here let’s trace back to the Ice Age, and find out the track of the climate change in British Isles.

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