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Global CES Show: Atlantic City Assignment

The consumer electronics sector – spanning computers, home appliances and mobile communications devices – has been one vibrant sector of the US economy, spurring innovation and both industrial and consumer demand at least since the mid-1960s. Two forces emerged that decade. The first was the conversion of the vacuum tube assemblies that powered gigantic mainframe computers into integrated circuit boards that enabled smaller mini-computers and, a decade later, the desktop microcomputers that are ubiquitous today. The second was the development by Motorola of the “luggable” cellular telephone prototype, to be launched commercially in 1973.

In 1967, however, none of these were ready for commercial launch yet. The first such exhibit of consumer electronics products therefore revolved on television sets and car radios, which explained why Motorola keynoted the inaugural New York show. In the four decades since then, Moore’s Law of increasingly powerful and progressively cheaper integrated circuits transformed the industry into a $209 billion behemoth, not counting over $100 billion in Apple Inc. sales (Consumer Electronics Association, 2013a). Stakeholder Goals, Expectations and How to Meet Them

Known familiarly as CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and ComDEx (Computer Dealers Exhibit), the various installments of this industry showcase have been chiefly held for the benefit of the producers who had some new product to announce at the high-profile event. As such, the shows were preponderantly open only to media and retailers. Chicago supplanted New York for a while. However, most of the shows have been held in Las Vegas, suggesting a strong hedonistic and playful environment for this annual gathering of the best that American electronics innovators had to offer.

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Theme While maintaining the pleasurable and fun-filled ambience, it is time for this event to take the next logical step and acknowledge that breakthroughs in consumer and office electronics have also been achieved in the European Union, members-republics of the former USSR (Estonia, Lithuania, the Ukraine, Russia), Israel, India, South Korea, the Republic of China, and People’s China. Hence, it is proposed that the July 13, 2014 event be conceived around the theme, “The Best of Global IT, Business and Consumer Electronics”.

A second change is that the five-day event will still be limited to the trade and the press on the first two days but open its gates to the public on days three to five. This is the rationale for changing the venue from the merely playful in Las Vegas to “Las Vegas East” in Atlantic City. Every large casino-hotel-resort chain is represented but the venue has the unparalleled virtue of being accessible to residents of the highly affluent Northeastern states who cannot justify to themselves flying to Las Vegas just to attend such an exhibit.

Thirdly, timing the event in mid-summer is doubly convenient for two reasons. The weather will be pleasant enough that sponsors can hold parades and free outdoor concerts every day of the week. Secondly, June happens to be the end of the fiscal year for many electronics innovators like Apple. Traditionally, this is the time of year when they choose to climax their carefully-orchestrated online leaks, product previews and debates by launching the next edition of the iPad or the iPhone-in-a-wristwatch.


1 Financial Status

The organizing committee of the 2014 CES shall choose the for-profit track because of the need to capitalize preparations for the next semestral event.

2 Frequency

Developments in the information and communication technology (ICT) continue to accelerate. It is therefore possible to hold twice-yearly showcases of the latest novelties the industry has to offer.

3 Target Attendance

We forecast no fewer than 4,000 attendees the first two days as this is the lowest attendance from journalists and the trade ever registered in any run of domestic electronics shows. As well, the precedent of 140,000 consumers established by the first-ever domestic CES in neighboring New York City will undoubtedly be matched.

4 Venue Capacity

The targeted venue can accommodate in excess of 4,000 10-by-10 feet standard-sized booths. The other casino-hotels in the resort city can host ancillary press presentations, learning sessions and exhibits should turnout exceed the capacity of the central venue.

5 Accessibility

The Atlantic City International Airport is only minutes away from the Boardwalk. In addition, train service terminates right at the AC Convention Center. NJ Transit will be hired to provide free, 24-hour shuttle bus service to and from the central venue.

Event Budget

Revenue projections are based on $15,000 per exhibitor and a $100 entrance fee for the three days when CES 2014 shall be open to the general public. Setting such premium prices ensures that the event will attract principally affluent consumers who are bent on being first in their social circles with the best and newest that global electronics producers have to offer.

That such a population segment is large enough in the prime bi-coastal markets is amply proven by first-month sales of a million units or more for the iPhone every time a new model goes on sale, despite the abundance of cheaper, Android-based smart phones in the market. Certain gaps in the Draft Budget below and overleaf (such as security services) will be part of the Exhibit Service Contract and denote costs absorbed by the venue. Exhibitors are themselves expected to provide all the advanced display units, running videos, furnishings, and promotional goods.

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