Garibaldi’s role in the military campaigns In Sicily in 1860 - Assignment Example

Source A and B both agree that Garibaldi role in the military campaigns in 1860 were necessary as he was an excellent leader for the military campaigns and he led them to victory, however they differ about the military campaigns as being very strong, as they did struggled to keep morale up and they did not really believe that they could possibly gain victory, as they were not extremely strong.

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Source A and B both suggest that Garibaldi role in the military campaign was crucial as he was the main reason that they gained victory to achieve the freedom of Sicily in 1860. Source A refers on how Garibaldi was a strong leader “The people believe Garibaldi is a God” this shows that Garibaldi was a potentially good leader as they all believed that he was extremely good and could lead them to victory.

This is supported by Source B “ Garibaldi to the rescue” as he is shown as being a hero, which played a great role in the military campaigns in Sicily in 1860. Both Sources A and B refer to the fact that Garibaldi was totally committed to the unification of Italy and he declared that he was going to liberate Italy in the name of Italy; Garibaldi military campaigns of the Thousand were well experienced and well trained which made Garibaldi a first rate military commander.

It was because of Garibaldi’s great skills and well trained soldiers that therefore they gained Victory in Sicily in 1860 which highlight the key factor that Garibaldi role in the military campaign was essential. Having said this the sources also disagree on some aspects of Garibaldi’s role in the military campaign in Sicily in 1860. A key difference is that Garibaldi’s army was not as experienced and trained as it could have seem to be.

Source A for example implies that they were struggling to win as even the general could not keep morale high and potentially believe that they could be winning the battle “I guessed that the general did not believe we could win” this suggest that the military campaigns were not organized enough as the general saw “his own death on the battlefield” this shows that they have been poorly armed with dated muskets and therefore struggled to believe that they could possibly gain victory from the battle.

This has clear contrast with Source B as it shows that Garibaldi’s military campaign were very strong and therefore they had none complications as in the Cartoon Garibaldi represents his troops and looks strong and powerful whereas the third figure looks weak and powerless which represent King, Francis II and two Sicilies “ Bombs Jun’ this suggest that Garibaldi’s military troops were well skilled and trained and therefore gained victory in Sicily and which played a huge role as Palermo was taken later in the month and The island of Sicily was conquered by the end of July.

Therefore the sources cannot agree about the status of the army and the influence that Garibaldi had on providing victory in Sicily in 1860. The differences between the content of the sources can be explained by the provenance of the sources. The context of both sources is important and it must be taken into consideration. Source A was written in 1860 by by “G. C Abba”, this was during the battle in May 15/16 1860and therefore as they were physically there at the time they were testimony of the events occurred “Our men were falling all round him but he pressed ahead”.

This shows how Garibaldi played a big role in the military campaigns as he was determined to win; however the soldiers were not as strong and trained as most of the soldiers were dying and they were fearful that they could lose the battle. It could be argued that as it was written after the battle they were more passionate and emotionally involved with the situation which may lack of reliability as they also were written in an Italian perspective as he was an Italian soldier that have survived on the event.

Source B was posted also in 1860 however in June by “Punch” as it was posted after a month, it could suggest that they have more knowledge about the battle and therefore be more objective about Garibaldi’s role in the military campaigns in Sicily as it was also posted from a British point of view. Therefore it could be argued that Source B is more useful as evidence of Garibaldi’s role in the military campaigns in Sicily in 1860 as it is less emotionally involved and more objective about the events because it was posted in a British point of view.