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Functional areas and Aims and Objectives of Office Depot Assignment

Office Depot is a company that relies greatly on its structure. From training new staff to shipping items, without interacting segments of the company, it would be a lot less efficient. Aims and Objectives are also a vital part of the company because of the progress they help give.


Office Depot’s training sectors are constantly interacting. This is because there are so many people leaving and joining the company. To make sure they are being trained correctly, the trainees are taught about the company as a whole, so they too know how it interacts. They are then taught their job specific information by an expert in the field, who can sometimes be a colleague.

Next, they are given a test period in the job where they will be closely monitored. As we can see already, colleagues from many different sectors, training monitoring others and having knowledge about the company all involve different sectors. This helps all sectors involved have up to date information (in this case about the trainee) and whether they will help the company or not. Training’s aims and objectives will also be a great advantage to them as they can make sure their service is competitive with others in the industry. They may include:

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To Make their service more efficient To Train appropriate employees only, and removing anomalies. To Train at a high standard Objectives

To have all employees trained by 6 months. To interact with the recruitment sector on a daily basis. To keep all information supplied correct. Sales

Sales will make sure that all transactions are processed in an orderly fashion and that the order details are received by finance and distribution. This will make it easier for the customer’s order to be received in a timely fashion. Interaction between Sales and Finance is one of the most vital in the company because if communication breaks down then there may be issues with payment and the customer may have an unpleasant transaction. Finance will also ask about the credit rating of the customer to make sure they are going to pay for their products. If they have a bad credit rating, they may not allow the transaction. Distribution will be told about the sale when it is accepted. They will then prepare the items by the customer’s preference, which sales will then give them. Sales will also have their own aims and objectives. These are generally ones that will increase transaction success rates. They can include:


To Manage sales in a customer-friendly manner To increase the success rates of transactions To be compatible with more payment methods Objectives

To have all employees trained by 6 months. To interact with the recruitment sector on a daily basis. To keep all information supplied correct. Customer Service

Customer Service will watch the progress of sales and help customers if there have been problems with Office Depot’s service. They interact with customers, sales and marketing the most. This is because the issues are mostly with payment rather than shipment with trading that isn’t face to face. Sales will have most of the information relayed to customer services which they will then discuss with the customer. Marketing may be involved if, for example, a coupon that was advertised did not work for the customer. Aims and objectives of Customer Service are vital because they are people that talk directly to the customer and can change if they will recur or not. Aims and objectives may include:


To increase recurring, happy customers. To help the customer and solve their problem quickly. To have a friendly experience for the customer. Objectives

To give out vouchers to unsatisfied customers only 50 times daily. To increase have an average of 2 calls per problem by next month. To run a survey for every customer about their help. Evaluation

Each sector of Office Depot has its own interactions with others and they will have to maintain these in order to have a profitable and healthy business as they do now. Their interaction currently lets them have quicker transactions with precise customer instructions being followed every time. This also lets the company process transactions, in most cases, without flaws. Aims and Objectives let the company improve on their current service by letting each sector (and in turn the company as a whole) without customers noticing a major difference. Objectives must be fulfilled in order to complete aims and this is shown well in Office Depot, a company that excels in progress. In order to succeed, the sectors should stick to their aims and objectives, which are designed to make them more efficient and helpful.

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