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Freedom Essay

If a person were to look up the definition of freedom in the dictionary, they would find, “being free; esp., a) independence.” However, freedom has many meanings that differ from one another. One could say freedom is the ability to make choices in life that are beneficial to a person’s desires and have their own opinions about anything they want. It can be represented through actions and attitudes.

For example, a person who is free can make their own decisions about anything they want. Being able to make decisions on the spot is a privilege that is taken for granted every second. Big or small, they are decisions one can make on their own without permission. A student attending High School has the choice of the classes they apply to. Any choices they make are choices based on what they want not what others want.

In addition, being free means people can have their own opinions and speak them freely. They have no fear of being punished for what they think or what they say. Saying what’s on one’s mind is a habit formed through so many years of doing just that. A person has the right to agree or disagree on any topic during any time. Whatever they say should not be degraded by others and vice versa.

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To conclude, being able to make one’s own choices and voice their own opinions is what a person can call freedom. The meaning of freedom comes not from a dictionary, but from one’s own experiences and connotations. It is a right that was fought for us to have and we will keep fighting our right to have it. Where I am from, a person lives to be free.

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