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Former anti-drugs chief slams British complacency Assignment

This second source comes from an online newspaper article. The article is about the Government’s decision not to make the International Convention against Doping in Sport part of the UK law. The article is based on the comments published in the paper which said that “A spokesman for sports minister Richard Caborn claims Britain leads the way against doping in sport, ahead of countries such as France and Italy. ” It continues in comparing other European countries policies, such as France and Italy as well as the United States, on the subject.

It also talks about the last UNESCO convention on anti-doping and that it was drawn up in 1989 and the other countries in Europe made it part of their law and France, Italy and 42 other countries made it a criminal offence with a two-year prison sentence for those caught doping. The article is a reasonably up to date source published on the 23rd of March in this year. The author is one of the telegraphs regular reporters called Mihir Bose, with a daily column in the sport section of the paper. Mihir Bose also reports for the Guardian.

The article comes from the telegraph newspaper, a daily broadsheet with a broad and general target audience. Taking this into consideration you have to look at the commercial and professional implications. Commercially the paper will be tailored to accommodate to its target audience for better sales and profits. The article is a sport story but also seems to have some sort of political agenda. The tone of the article seems to be very cynical with the use of words such as “claims” and “controversial” and with the inclusion of the phrase “ahead of countries such as France and Italy” at the end of the paragraph detailed above.

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It seems this phrase is written in a shocked and sceptical manner. The articles sources mainly come from quotes but the interviews themselves are not included in there entirety. The interviews could therefore have easily been edited in a way that supports the reporters’ point of view and opinion. Care must be taken in using newspaper articles as many show bias towards the columnists’ beliefs. Although the telegraph has more reliability than other daily tabloid papers, being a broadsheet, you still have to take care when using newspaper sources as they are non academic.

The article in question was written by a columnist who writes for two established papers that are the more reliable of most newspapers. He therefore does have a slight level of expertise in his field. You also do get a different perspective on the story in question; you get both his opinion and also a slight view into the perspective of the interviewees. Rooted in the history of the telegraph it seems that it generally supports the right of centre point of view, with an opinion that supports the Tory party.

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