The Ford Mondeo And the Toyota Yaris - Assignment Example

The Ford Mondeo advertisement starts of with an old, rusty car, then there is a man sitting inside the house listening to classical music. The man looks out of the front window and he shows the audience his face, which it looks like he is being thoughtful. After the man shows the audience the look on his face, he looks towards the bottom of the stairs when this pair of legs shows on screen. The girl shows her face and tells the man bye after she passes him. The man gets up, opens the front door and tells the two about “safety” and the man goes back in and the advertisement shows us the boy and girl’s shocked faces.

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The man comes back and gives the girl the Ford Mondeo keys. The next part in the advertisement is where the girl is in the drivers seat and the boy is in the passenger side. The girl puts on the music and finally the advertisement ends with the logo and slogan. The second advertisement is the Toyota Yaris. This advertisement starts of with a security guard who is engrossed in watching the football and eating a sandwich. He does not look at the monitor to see what is happening.

The camera moves across the monitor and it stops on the second screen on top of the monitor, it shows the audience this businesswoman turning a security camera in the underground car park. Then the next shot shows the woman in a long camera shot, showing her full body. The third scene is in mid-shot; it shows the woman walking past her car. She goes to another camera in this sort of waiting room, and the camera is using a high angle shot, making it look like it is looking down on her top half of the body. The woman turns this camera onto her car.

In the fourth shot, it shows that the guard is still watching the football match on the mini-TV. The camera shows the woman coming out of a lift. The security guard nods his head and smiles at the woman and she does the same back to him. At the end of the advertisement, the camera is moving from long shot to mid shot towards the car, and then the logo and slogan comes on. Both of the advertisements last five seconds apart from each other. The Ford Mondeo advertisement lasted thirty seconds and the Toyota Yaris advertisement lasted twenty-five seconds.

The camera shots are important in advertisement because it makes people think “Should I get that? ” or “Should I go see it? ” There are a few important scenes in both advertisements. In the Ford Mondeo advertisement, the first important scene is when the father talks about “Precautions”, the boy and girl look at each other with a shocked face. The girl says “sorry” in a quiet voice. The second important scene is when the boy and girl are sitting in the Ford Mondeo looking pleased that they’ve got a better car to drive in, they both then play the song “I’m too sexy… and it finishes there. The Toyota Yaris has a few important scenes as well.

The first important scene is when this professional woman is looking into the security camera, as if she is looking at the security guard at the other end, who is being engrossed in watching something else. The second important scene of the advertisement is when the woman is going passed the guard, who nods and smile at her and she does the same back to him. The final important scene is when the camera is going from long shot to mid-shot focusing on the car.

In the two advertisements, the editing of the shots in each scene is really neatly cut shots. The two advertisements have neat cut shots all the through the advertisement. In the Ford Mondeo advertisement, the music at the beginning of the advertisement is classical music, and at the end of the advertisement, the girl plays ‘I’m too sexy… ‘ because she and the boy are having fun in the car. In the Toyota Yaris advertisement, the music is not a recognisable piece of music but it is like a kind of mysterious tune and the music lasts all the way through the advert.

The graphics in both advertisements are similar, because at the end of the two advertisements, they show the logo and the slogan right at the end of the advertisements. In the Ford Mondeo advertisement the slogan is for this advertisement is “Designed for living, engineered to last. ” The Toyota Yaris advertisement ‘s slogan is “New Yaris. You could love it too much. ” The overall message for the Ford Mondeo advertisement is “feel the safety of the car. ” It means that you can be safer in the car than any other car. The overall message for the Toyota Yaris advertisement is “Become very fond of the car.