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How to write five paragraph essay Assignment

It is not a secret that essay is one of the most commonly spread research paper works. It is highly recommended to know how to write the essay as this skill is useful at schools, colleges, universities, or even applying for some job openings.

At the same time, one should understand that essay also may vary depending on its purpose and general idea. However, the structure of the essay is often similar and basically includes five paragraphs. That is why one should know how to write a five paragraphs essay.

What is the structure of the five paragraph essay?

The basic structure of the essay includes:

  • Introduction
    • First body paragraph
    • Second body paragraph
    • Third body paragraph
  • Conclusion


As one could understand, the essay starts with the introduction that presents the central idea of the writing as a whole. It includes the author’s presentation of the topic and general description of the paper. Sometimes the writer can include the main purpose of the writing if it is necessary or required in the instructions. In addition, the last sentence of the introduction is the thesis statement, in which the author claims the main point of the further discussion in the essay.

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It is recommended to make the introduction as the attention grabber that will interest the reader from the first words and will be the reason why he or she would like to continue reading the essay. While writing the introduction, the author should remember that he or she should not present their position too radically, as they will have a chance to do it in conclusion.

Body Paragraphs

Usually, there are three body paragraphs in the essay that clearly and fully uncover the author’s position towards the issue presented in the paper. H1-H3 structure of the paragraphs foresees that each of the paragraphs may have its own heading or even subheadings included in the context of the essay. If the paragraph does not have a heading, it should start from the opening sentence that will explain the idea of the following paragraph in a few words.

First Body Paragraph

The first paragraph of the essay usually starts with the narrative hook that is also directed to the dragging of readers attention. It may consist of a few sentences that will make the audience keep on reading. This paragraph also includes more detailed information about the general topic of the essay.

It narrows the idea presented in the introduction to the specific field of investigation or discussion. This paragraph may also include quotes that are related to the discussed issue. After the quotes and any extra information, the author tries to define a certain problem that is to be discussed in the essay.

This part is called organizational sentence, as it organizes the received data and set a problematic issue for discussion. At the end of the first paragraph, the author places another thesis statement that he or she will try to prove in the context of the paper.

Second Body Paragraph

Second body paragraph should start from the summary sentence related to the issue that will be developed through the paragraph itself. This statement should be supported by one or several arguments that will explain why the writer thinks in that way.

The arguments may include statistics, research data, surveys results, and other types of information that is relevant to the main topic of discussion. It also may contain quotes from the research papers, scholar articles, or book that prove the author’s ideas or findings. If the author offers a hypothesis, it can be proven by the scholar sources as well.

The last one or a few sentences should shortly summarize the findings of the second body paragraph and prepare transition background for the next one. In general, it concludes the idea presented above.

Third Body Paragraph

This paragraph has to focus on the other idea connected to the main topic. The idea may be opposite to that mentioned above and disprove the thesis statement, or it can be another fact that supports the thesis statement.

From the perspective of the writer, he or she should define a different thought that can function separately, but still, it will be connected to the main issue. It is not recommended to repeat the information mentioned previously as it will be regarded as a repetition of the data presented above.

For sure, this paragraph can also include quotes and in-text citations from the scholar sources that related to the issue discussed.


The name of this paragraph speaks for itself. The last part of the five-paragraph essay is to conclude and summarize all the findings or data reflected in the paper. This paragraph cannot present any new ideas but only summarize the previous ones.

It is not recommended to insert any type of citation here, as it should be the analysis and summary made by the author on the basis of his research and findings. Basically, it restates the thesis statement mentioned in the introduction and proves or disprove this statement. In addition, it shortly mentions each of the body paragraphs and proves their connection to the main topic of the essay.

The last paragraph has also reminded the importance of the written work and ability of its future use for the further research or investigation on the topic. The author also is to provide the reader with the idea that would be for him or her to think about.

Obviously, the structure of the five paragraph essay outline is not that difficult as it may seem. Following the writing instructions step by step, a person may successfully organize a piece of information in the clear and well-structured essay.

The only thing the writer has to remember is to use transitions between paragraphs and build the idea logically to compile it into the story. It does not matter, which topic a person chooses, the practice of writing five paragraphs essays is a great experience for every beginner before writing more voluminous works.

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