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The First thought on abortion Essay

Abortion can be described in two different situations one of which is a natural abortion which consists of the mother losing her child over natural reasons this is called a ‘miscarriage’.

The other type of abortion is deliberate abortion which mean’s the mother deliberately asks for the baby to be killed because she doesn’t want the baby, but sometimes even if it seems like its harsh it is considered by the doctors to be doing the right thing because sometimes if the baby is mentally damaged or unhealthy (not normal) the mothers sometimes don’t want anything to do with their baby and ask for an abortion.

According to the church teachings life starts at the moment of conception so if you have an abortion it is considered as murder, this goes against the church teachings and the ten commandments ‘I shall not kill’ and ‘treat your neighbours as you would like to be treated’.

The First thought on abortion

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There are different views to abortion. There are the Catholic people who are mostly against abortion. There are groups which favour this opinion and have their own point of view. If we put both of the groups together I’m sure that there are equal agreements and disagreements on the subject of abortion.

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The 1967 Abortion Act

The abortion act in 1967 came into effect on the 27 April 1968 and permits the termination of pregnancy.

The 1967 act clearly states that if a woman were to have an abortion she could only have an abortion within the first twenty eight weeks of her pregnancy but this was later changed in 1990 by the Human Fertilization and Embryology act which reduced the time in which a legal termination was permitted to twenty four weeks.

The Rules under the 1967 abortion act mean that only a licensed doctor can perform the procedures of abortion you would normally find a doctor that will do the abortions in a NHS Hospital or a licensed clinic near your local area.

In this country you could have an abortion only if two doctors agree on one of the following circumstances below.

You may be allowed to have an abortion under these circumstances;

1. There is the risk that the mother is in danger of losing her life unless the pregnancy is terminated.

2. That there would be a risk of the mother experiencing mental or physical health problems.

3. If the child were born it would suffer mental or physical abnormalities.

4. There is risk to the physical or mental well being of her existing children if the pregnancy continues.

Before The 1967 Act

Before the 1967 act many abortions were carried out illegally in appalling conditions by totally unqualified backstreet abortionists. Many of the women that went to these back street abortionists obtained serious and fatal infections some even died due to the appalling conditions.

It was illegal for doctors to carry out abortions before the 1967 act but many did so in private for money (private clinics). If these illegal abortions were discovered it would result in arrest and a sentence.

Many women felt ashamed to reveal their pregnancy to their parents, this shame would drive them to undergo an abortion. Many of these women used a backstreet abortion as an option as it was cheaper instead of going to a private clinic.

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The 1967 Act was brought out to make sure that the women that wanted to have an abortion would not die to the appalling conditions in which the backstreet abortionists were done. This act clearly states that women are allowed to have an abortion as long as it is carried out by a fully licensed doctor.

After The 1967 Act

Before this act was brought out many women died from having a backstreet abortion.

In some developing countries the law still clearly says that abortions are not allowed.

In Britain it is now illegal to have an abortion if the woman decides it is the right choice.

Doctors which are fully qualified can perform an abortion without having the fear of being arrested. Women can now choose from a variety of methods in which their abortion will be performed.

Abortion Methods

There is several ways to have a surgical abortion but the most common is a Vacuum Aspiration.

Vacuum Aspiration

There are two different types of Vacuum Aspirations (also called suction Aspiration).

Manual Vacuum

This procedure is used in the first ten weeks of pregnancy it is a surgical procedure which is done in the first six to eight weeks of pregnancy. It includes the use of a specially designed syringe to apply suction.

Vacuum Machine

This is the second method of Vacuum aspiration and is the most common method used before the first seven to twelve weeks of pregnancy. This method involves the use of a hollow tube named a CANNULA which is attached to a bottle and a pump. This is what the vacuum pump is made from. This procedure is done very gently and the patient will be under anaesthetics. The vacuum (the cannula) is passed through the uterus and the vacuum is turned on. The cannula once inside the uterus gently removes the tissue.

This procedure usually takes between ten to twenty minutes and can be done in clinic or by a fully qualified doctor.

After the Surgery

After having the vacuum procedure done you would normally experience some of the features down below for your recovery.

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