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Film Trailers are Important Promotional Devices used by Directors to Sell Their Films Essay

Film trailers are used to entice people to go and see a film at the cinema. We go to see a film at usually the cinema because we enjoy the entertainment and to talk about the film our friends once we have gone and watched the film. We talk about the good parts of the film and the bad parts of the film. In film trailers the directors only use the best parts of the film. The production companies use things such as billboards, film posters and merchandise to promote the new films coming out at the cinema.

Film trailers are very effective by the way they make a film trailer look really good even if the film is bad, this is the production company’s job, they add a lot of sound and lighting effects to make the film look good enough for the target audience. I saw the film trailer for Shrek this trailer is effective because the film is for children and adults of all ages.

It has funny parts of the film like when the princess kicks Robin Hood’s merry men that is a scene from “The Matrix”. This is also effective because the film trailer has all the funny parts as well as all the exciting parts of the film, this is what makes this film trailer effective.

The importance of target audiences is the lower the certificate for the film, the more people are able to go and watch the film, such as Disney’s Aladdin this film is rated (U) this means that people of all ages are able to watch this film, it also means that the target audience is much larger than that of a certificate (18), this means only a small target audience because the number of people that can watch them is limited.

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The different techniques which a director can use are Diagetic sound; this is sound which you can see within the frame. An example of Diagetic sound is in Gladiator is when the Emperor shouts “Am I not merciful?” this give a sense of tension between the emperor and woman in the frame. The director can also use Non- Diagetic sound which is sound that the audience cannot see but can hear. An example of Non- Diagetic sound is in Gladiator is when the audience is shouting “Maximus, Maximus!” this gives a sense of happiness that Russell Crowe is coming out to fight the Gladiators. An example of Non- Diagetic sound in Mission Impossible 2 is when there is a use of a voice over when it says ” Agent located” at the start this gives a sense of mystery because the agency doesn’t know where Tom Cruise is.

Production companies also use adverts on the television, magazines and the newspapers as a way to promote their films. The production companies such as paramount, create the trailers.

Trailers influence me to go and see the film by telling me who directed the film because it might be a director whose films I have already seen. They also influence me by telling me the actor or actress, who stars in the film; they might be someone I like to watch in films. They also influence me by showing me the best parts of the films.

We watched two trailers, which were Mission Impossible 2 and Gladiator. Mission Impossible 2 is set in the present day and gladiator is set in the past. Mission Impossible is about technology and when the title has been abbreviated to MI: 2 to show technology, with the retinal scan of Tom Cruises eyes. Gladiator is about death, Rome and violence. There is a lot of violence in this film.

The techniques, which are used, are a zoom lens where there is a close up of some one or some thing. A panning shot; this is when the camera moves from left to right and vice versa, looking at the landscape. This technique is used in a lot of film genres e.g. westerns.

A tracking shot is used in Mission Impossible 2, when the camera follows the character. This is a good technique if you want to know what the character is doing close up and it brings the audience closer to the character. Another technique is fade in and fade out this is where the image dissolves into another. There is also a voice over this is where the narrator tells what is happening in the mise-en-scene this happens in Mission Impossible 2 but Gladiator doesn’t have a voice over, Gladiator has written word this is where writing comes onto the screen instead of a voice over you can hear.

Their effects upon the audience includes, seeing Tom Cruise climbing up the vertical mountain this represents one man against nature, he is doing an impossible task made possible. When we see Tom Cruise on the motorbike it represents him as fearless. He is not scared to do this on a motorbike. This refers back to the mountain and shows it is an impossible task to do.

I think these techniques are effective in the way that they keep the audience interested in the film like the voice over if there wasn’t a voice over or written word you wouldn’t know what is happening in the mise-en-scene. But by having a voice over it keeps you interested in the film trailer.

If people like the director John Woo then people would go and see his style of films. If people like the films that Tom Cruise is in they would go and see the films that he is in.

The techniques that are used in the film Gladiator are zoom where the camera does a close up of the actor/actresses face. Tracking is where the camera follows the actor/ actress around the mise-en-scene, one example is when we see Russell Crowe walking. There are also a lot of medium shots in the trailer, this is where there are only a few actors/actresses in the frame, one example is when Russell Crowe is talking to the other generals and another example is when the Emperor shouts to the woman “Am I not merciful?” the effect of this that we feel anger in that part of the trailer.

These effect us when we are told when the film is coming out at the cinema. It says 2000A.D. this represents bringing the past back to life. Also when we see Russell Crowe in the Coliseum fighting the Gladiators and when we see him fighting the Emperor this represent one man fighting against and Empire.

I think these techniques are effective by the way they make the film good to watch. They also use written word instead of a voice over; this is where it is written in the mise-en-scene instead of spoken. The director mixes music and action with the written word to make them work together and explain the narrative to us.

The scenes in the trailer show the city of Rome. It is a working city with people going about their business this represents that Rome is being brought back to life.

The target audience for Gladiator is older teenagers and adults because younger children wouldn’t want to see blood and violence. The director of Gladiator is Ridley Scott so if people like his style of films they would like this film. The overall effectiveness of the film is that it has been created for people who like a lot of violence in their action films.

In the two trailers the metaphors that are evident are in Mission Impossible 2 when we see Tom Cruise climbing up the mountain this represents Tom Cruise in a way climbing up the paramount logo. In Gladiator when we see Russell Crowe fighting in the coliseum this represents one man defying and empire.

Some differences that I noticed are that Tom Cruise is a big star and Russell Crowe is not. In Mission Impossible 2 there is a voice over evident but in Gladiator there is no voice over but there is the written word to inform the audience of the narrative. Another difference is the use of music. In Mission Impossible 2 there is modern music written by Limp Bizkit, but in Gladiator it is orchestral and dramatic. Another difference I noticed is the title of the film Mission Impossible 2, the title explodes but in Gladiator the title remains. The title of Mission Impossible 2 is gold and the gold represents Importance.

Some similarities that I have noticed are that there is violence in both Mission Impossible 2 and Gladiator. Both production companies are big companies. In both film trailers the use of colours includes mainly reds, oranges and blacks. The orange represents fire. The red represents blood and violence. The black represents technology and style. Another similarity that I noticed is there is not much dialogue in both films. In the last frame of both Mission Impossible 2 and Gladiator we see when the film is coming out at the cinema, so that it stays in our minds and the same thing happens with the title of the film in the penultimate frame. We are made to concentrate throughout both trailers.

In the two trailers the language that is used in the mise-en-scene is to create a sense of technology in both our time and in the past.

I think Gladiator is the most effective film trailer because I like films that show me the Romans and how they fought in the past. I like violence in the films I watch because it makes them more interesting to watch.

The Gladiator trailer makes me want to watch the film by the way it shows me that this film has more than just violence in it. The difference in terms of effectiveness between Mission Impossible 2 and Gladiator is that Gladiator has a lot more blood and violence than Mission Impossible 2. This would attract me to the potential viewer.

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