Film Review – The Parent Trap - Assignment Example

The Parent Trap is a remake of the original film made many years ago telling a story of identical twins, Hallie and Annie, who were separated shortly after their birth due to the break up of their parent’s relationship. The remake has kept to original story very well but has also added its own parts to keep in time with the way of life we live today. Like the original film the girls meet at a summer camp by coincidence. The girls realise they are identical twin sisters.

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They devise a plan to reunite each other with their estranged parents, whilst thinking out their plan they realise their parents will eventually find out they have the wrong daughter and will have to meet again to swap them back. In the twin’s plan their parents fall back in love and they can all live together happily. From now on the girls cannot risk losing anytime as they, they need to teach each other about their lives back home and also how to act like one another. Hallie has been living on a vineyard in California with their Dad, Dennis Quaid, Annie has been living in London with their Mum, Natasha Richardson.

It is finally time to leave the camp and go ‘home,’ the girls are going their separate ways, with no idea what to expect when they meet their parents for what seems the first time in their lives. Everything in London is just as Annie described it to Hallie but Annie is in for a big surprise in California; their Dad informs her he is getting married to Meridith Blake; whom his daughter, Hallie has never even met before. Once Annie meets her and sees what a nasty woman she really is she has to think of a way to convince her Dad he is making a mistake, but this will be hard as she feels she doesn’t even know him.

The girl’s mother realises she has the wrong daughter with her and believes her daughter, Hallie when she tells her that their Dad wants to see her and swap the girls back. Once the twins have reunited their parents the wedding is looking further and further away, but will the wedding be called off for their parent’s to live happily ever after like the girl’s want? You will have to watch the film and find out! In my opinion this film is a wonderful remake of the original and has really captured the mod cons we have in our lives today.

Compared to the original it is as equally good and it would be a shame for any young girl to miss. Both the sisters are played by one person, Lindsay Lohan, in my opinion she plays both of these parts very well. It is definitely a film worth watching for any age group, I highly recommend this and hope everyone enjoys this. Film review by Jennifer Alan. Next week in First For Films! we meet with Bradd Pitt to talk about his new film with Angelina Jolie, Mr and Mrs Smith! First For Film!

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