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What it feels like to be haunted Assignment

The emerald green grass glowed under the dimly lit street light, and the grey misty fog blinded the distance. All that was to be heard was the cold repetition of the Tawny owl. The freezing winds punched the doors of the fifty year old houses. Shaking, they barely stood up to the hail beating up the straw thatched roofs. Nothing moved except, buried for fifty years, the ghost of Elysium, tearing silently though the small village. From 1988 to 1993 I lived in a cottage in the Yorkshire Moors that was nearly one-hundred years old.

For fifty years of my houses’ first life it belonged to an outlandish man who was hardly ever seen out of his house. All we know is that he wore a long tatty black cloak all of the time he was in and out of his house. Unfortunately he was murdered between 1898 and 1900 but the killer was never seen or heard. As far as we know a police investigation took place, but no-one was linked with the murder. Fifty years later his cottage was home to me and many other people who have nasty experiences from the cottage. It has been said that he haunts the village for revenge because of the way the villagers treated him, that is with no respect.

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The winter winds are so strong they freeze the face within seconds of exposure to the agony. The car that has not been started for two weeks struggles to start, but the heating never fails. As the car pulls up into the drive of Elysium cottage, the torture of getting out is unbearable as the winds have got immensely stronger and the rain transforms into bombardment of blades of ice. The door is harder to open because of the massive freezing temperatures. On entry up the stairs the usual creaking symphony is performed by the flight of steps.

A good night’s sleep was definitely needed as the time was nearly 3. 00 am. Chhhhhhhh”, “Chhhhhhhh”, what on earth was it, it sounds like shuffling feet drawing closer to the bedroom door. “Chhhhhhhh”, “Chhhhhhhh”, there is no-one else in the building, there’s no-one here. The door handle is starting to turn, what is it and what does it want? In complete fear and panic I blacked out and woke up the next morning completely confused about the night before. An exorcism service had to take place without a doubt and the medium was expected any minute. A service was performed with candles and communication with the spirit. The unwanted spirit left the cottage but this was only a short term solution.

Three exorcism services were performed before and only worked for about five years. Nothing seemed to work as the ghost just moves on to a different cottage and then back to the church where he was murdered. So the only option was to perform an exorcism service in the church where the ghost died. This exorcism service was no ordinary exorcism service as the intention this time was to make the spirit of the ghost rest in peace, once and for all. The major service took place in the church involving many candles villagers and mediums. This procedure was designed to rest any angry spirits, but did it work?

The spirit haunting the small village for fifty years had seemed to be resting most probably at the church where the latest service took place. Only a few photographs have been taken of what was supposed to be the ghost, most of them from the 1950`s which leads you to believe that they are computer enhanced. There is still some confusion to why the ghost never showed his face as it was always under the long black cloak as though he was hiding something. The photograph taken shows the ghosts face, and it is sort of face that was once there but looks like it has been melted and turns out in the photograph a big blurred mask.

Finally, it seemed like peace at last for everyone who had been affected by the paranormal experiences and could get on with their lives. The atmosphere in the village soon changed as villagers were getting more involved with community life and what is going on. The moors are usually very creepy places but for our village that rule were abolished. The fluorescent yellow and red sun was sending its rays down on to the ground like lightening which brightened up the entire village. As far as we know our cottage is still standing after many years of service. The village still remains a peaceful and tranquil place, for now.

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