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How far do the sources support the idea that Germany was warlike and aggressive in its foreign policy in the years 1899-1914 Assignment

Between 1899-1916 Germany had a change in the Kaiser. In the year 1890 Bismark had been replaced by Nicolas II. During the year of Bismark Germany had not at all warlike and aggressive, various incidents Germany had been involved in peace keeping. When Nicolas however came to power things changed. Germany was no longer a peaceful country any more. During Nicolas period of being Kaiser, Germany became warlike and aggressive. Source one, both supports and contradicts the statement. Simply because the character speaking is the German Chancellor, “Prince Von Bulow” to the German Parliament.

The Chancellor is manipulating the parliament in to funding him so that he can build up their naval argument “without a strong army and a strong navy, there can b no welfare for us. ” This shows that Germany is warlike and aggressive. The source also mentions “there is a great deal of envy of us in the world, political envy and economical envy. ‘ This shows that Germany as a country has done well, and other countries are jealous of the comeback and the way they have managed. The Chancellor is directing this at Britain, France and Russia as being jealous.

This obviously shows that Germany is not warlike and aggressive. I think this source can be reliable in a way as well as unreliable. This is because the source is from a chancellor who would be aware of the German foreign policy and therefore would know what is best for Germany. It can also be unreliable as the chancellor could be asking for money from the Parliament for militaristic purposes. Source two supports the statement, as it shows how warlike and aggressive Germany is. The source gives a brief view of how Germany stirred trouble up between other countries.

The source tells “she has beaten and robbed Denmark and for that purpose took as a partner Austria. ” The fact that Germany has beaten and robbed Denmark shows the dark and evil side of Germany. It is not just Denmark Germany has “beaten and taken, money and territory from France. ” This again shows Germany is warlike and aggressive. An example of Germany interfering in current affairs is the Krugan telegram; Germany sent Russia and France to stop Britain invading a little African nation. The purpose of Germany sending Russia and France was to cause arguments.

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This source is reliable as it is a secret memorandum and basically all truth can be revealed in secret. Also the source was produced in October 1901, which was in the middle of the naval laws. Therefore it is understandable why Germany is warlike and aggressive. Source five strongly supports the statement of Germany being warlike and aggressive. This show in very strong language, how, not only “Heinich Vierordt” but the entire German race felt towards the outbreak. The source mentions “slaughter thy millions of adversaries.

This gives an image of Germany being extremely warlike and aggressive; he would not only kill, but destroy. The source then goes on to say “Bayonet pierce the heart of every enemy” showing once again the aggression of Germany, that they would not just shoot the enemy, but they would pierce the heart of every individual. The source concludes by saying “of thy love for foreigners” this shows that war has resulted in Germany. The message of this source is to get the people of Germany to have hatred towards the enemy. Using very powerful and aggressive language.


Source six is pretty reliable, it doesn’t tell us who had created these figures, but we know from our own knowledge that these figures are true. Germany had been spending a lot more than any other country as individuals, but in accord with alliance Germany weren’t spending as much. Source three contradicts the statement as it doesn’t portray Germany as being warlike or aggressive. They are rather confused they do not know how to handle situations. “Methods of gaining your point is to show how intensely disagreeable you can make yourself. ” Germany are described arrogant “in ability to appreciate the sensitivities of others.

They expect everyone to understand their feelings. (Very arrogant not aggressive). This doesn’t show Germany as being warlike and aggressive, therefore it contradicts the statement. The source is reliable as it is from the opposite powers. It is from the British point of view. The British are saying they have had good and bad times with Germany. However the source doesn’t mention whether Germany is warlike and aggressive. As a result of the source being produced from opposition, who have every right to be against and give false statements of Germany, this source is reliable.

Source four contradicts the statement simply because it mentions from the German point of view who is at the roots of the war to be triggered off. “Our dilemma over keeping faith with the old honourable empire has been exploited to exploit the situation which gives England the excuse she has been seeking to annihilate us with her spurious appearance of justice. ” This shows that Germany believe it is Britain stirring up trouble, and that they want to dominate Germany. The source goes on to say “celebrated encirclement of Germany has finally become an accomplished fact.

This again shows Britain being the dominant power and against Germany. Britain’s wish has come true. The fact that they want Germany ‘encircled’ has come true. The Germans believed that this is something the British believed to always want. This source does not show Germany as being warlike and aggressive. It actually shows that Germany didn’t even want a war; it was Britain who were stirring up trouble and were waging war against Germany. This source is not very reliable as it a secret memorandum from the ‘German Kaiser’. As he is German he has every right to be biased, as he would want to defend his country.

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