How far was Nicholas II responsible for: a) Russia’s entry into b) Russia’s defeat in the war with Japan 1904/5 - Assignment Example

A) You could say Tsar Nicholas II was solely responsible for entry of war into the war with Japan as he wanted to expand Russia’s Empire and war would of helped him do this if he won. Nicholas had become conscious of the fact that to become a strong, autocratic leader he needed to become ruler of more land. Nicholas II was planning to conquer Asian lands such as Korea and Manchuria. He thought this would be a quick and easy process. He was wrong. It was Japan who hit Russia first. I was a surprising attack on the 8th February 1904. They were very overpowering and Russia was struggling.

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Nicholas had always had a grudge against Japan. This was because when he was visiting the world, he had travelled to Japan. Here a mad Japanese rebel attacked him. This instantly made him have an aversion to Japan.

B) Nicholas had believed that conquering these countries would take exceedingly little time, effort and money and he has also tried to convince Russia’s nation this was true. He may have believed this was true but he had basically misjudged Japan. Japan was known as a weak country, however this was not the case, Japan demonstrated that they were capable of using their strong, dedicated Navy.

Russia was definitely not prepared for the war and this took part in the defeat. Such as not lengthening the trans Siberians railway the way to Manchuria so troops could not be transported. Japan had vastly improved its army since it’s war with China in 1894 and no country had yet realised how much Russia had enhanced its fighting power.