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How far does your own experience lead you to believe that men and women have equal chances Essay

Since I was a little girl my parents and teacher have always taught me that boys and girls are the same. I was wondering, then why we have to label a boy as he and a girl as she? Why boys and girls need to go to toilet separately? Then I gradually understand the true meaning of it. When my mother said to me ‘boys and girls are the same’ doesn’t mean they are identically the same. In fact she wanted to suggest they have equal value, equal rights and should be accorded equal treatment. I believe I was born in a totally equalitarian society and generation.

In Hong Kong I was studied in a coeducation school since reception year. I felt more than happy to study with pupils others than girls. I found it rather less boring than just social with only girls. However, until five years before, I have begun to study in a single-sex school. At first, I was so worried that I would not get use to a new circumstance, and parents were not beside me either. Nevertheless, the situation did not become worse as I thought, yet even allowed me to meet lots of new friends that from other countries and I get along with them very well.

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Apparently there are some kind of problems lead nowadays’ people continuously argue whether should they abandon single-sex school or they should let the young try to adapt themselves to the normal social world that they will eventually experience is their later life. Where as, some of the parents would worry their daughter will become too social disposition and they normally think boys and girls would distract each other. Some of the people even suggest single-sex schools dominate the top places in league table and girls come out top in most GCSE subject.

Therefore they would prefer to send their children to a single-sex school. From my point of view, if they have already separated male and female during our education, then what is the point of teaching us such a thing as gender equality? We would have started developing a mind on gender roles from our early age and there will be a power struggle between men and women and we will never figure it out which side is going to win. This situation often happened when I watch television, no matter it is set in ancient period or modern period there would be a role division.

Women are always the one who stays at home, doing the role of child-rearing. Alternately, men become the breadwinner, working and earning money. This scene is created is it just because they believe that women are the weaker sex and should leave real work to men? In later of my life, I will be working with lots of other people, people in different cultures and with difference thoughts. Over the past years, the generation from my grandmothers’ to nowadays male dominated still exist in businesses and companies.

Men are always at the top of the hierarchy, being the ruler and women are the assistant helping at the side, which as a result of developing a problem on equality of choice. There are less careers’ choices for women to choose from. This is probably because people traditionally portray men as more ruthless and powerful than women. As a matter of fact, women is rather talented than men think, women are indeed being loving and caring, but when they reach to the extreme, they can be much stronger than men.

Being as a female, I assume none of us would like to work in a company that is sex discriminated, as the women in Wimbledon claim equal prize money as men. When I get married in the future, my husband has to be open-minded enough to let me work at the outside world as well as doing household management and childcare. My mother is a role-model of being a super woman taking good care of my sister and me and provides such a well education and environment for us to live in. Therefore, women are no longer the weaker sex and they will fight for any opportunities that men can receive.

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