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How to write Precious Moments outline Assignment

The topic Precious Moments for your essay is pretty interesting and shouldn’t be that complicated, as you are supposed to write about your life, emotions, feelings, and relationships with others. But, sometimes, it can be tricky when it comes to the structure of your writing paper or other questions, related to the outline.

Sometimes, even before writing part, you have so many thoughts in your head that it is getting hard to arrange them. Outlining the main parts of your essay is the most efficient way to organize all the main ideas and put them in the right order. Outlining will help you to realize what your main idea is, how to support it with convincing arguments and, what is more important, to better understand what the structure of your essay should look like.

Come up with the main idea

The first thing for you to do is to determine what point of view will be supported in the paper. What do you want to tell the potential reader and what kind of thought do you want to convey? Think about it thoroughly as generating the main idea is the first step to get started.

What is the meaning of precious moments in our life? What role do they play? You think precious moments is something we experience everyday or there are just a couple of them during our lifetime? If you picked up this topic, there has to be something you want to share with others.

Think of the sources of information and inspiration

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The second main step of an outlining is looking for additional information. Books, Internet pages, articles or something else – it doesn’t matter what will you decide to use. Pick that very source of data that will be beneficial for you.

Also, the good idea is to make some notes while you are reading. Put down all the interesting thoughts that appeal to you and those that reflect your main idea. There is no point in paying some special attention to general facts, find some really interesting information you agree with.

Remember about the structure

Another important thing is structuring of your essay. This kind of paper requires a particular construction you should stick to.


This is the first part of the writing where you present the main idea to the reader and explain your point of view. Basically, the introduction moves from general information at the beginning to some specific thoughts later. Here you have to tell what you believe in and why.


This is the place where you begin the discussion. Provide some convincing arguments concerning your main idea. Show the knowledge of material you have read on the subject of your essay. And don’t forget about examples, because they are something that bonds your point of view and your life experience together,


Conclusion moves from specific information to general. This is the high time for you to restate the answer to the given question and summarize the main idea. Write about precious moments in general, what do they mean for everybody and especially for you; what role do they play and what is the point in cherishing them.

Writing about precious moments can be engaging, enjoying and fun, when you know exactly what to write about and how the essay should look like. Remember about the structure to make it look good and always stay inspired for the even better result.

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