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Did everyone suffer equally from the depression Assignment

The Great depression affected the lives of the American people greatly. The most important thing in many people’s lives was jobs. The Great depression stripped many people of their jobs and left them on the street waiting in line for charity soup. The depression was a source of poverty for many people in America. It was not a depression for everybody though; some people did not get hit so badly.

In this essay, I will outline who suffered from the depression and who didn’t. I will also draw a conclusion if everyone was suffering equally during the depression.


Many different people suffered from the depression, and some actually didn’t. Below I am outline the two different types.

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Farmers were already in a bad state from the actual roaring twenties. This was because the produced lots of excess crops, and there was a lot of surplus. When this happened, the prices of crops fell, and they were not worth much anymore. Therefore, farmers lost out on money and got generally low incomes. Also, when tariffs were introduced, they couldn’t even sell their produce to European or other world markets.

At the time 25% of the American population were involved in the farming industry someway, so because of this unemployment began. This was particularly bad with Black people, as they did the least skilled jobs, so they were unable to find other jobs.

Because of the depression, less people bought their food, and so prices went down even more, and farmers lost all profit. Soon it cost more to transport food than the actual prices of food.

So because of this, farmers could not pay their mortgages, and when the Sheriffs and mortgage collectors came, farmers started to scare them off with pitchforks and guns. However, most farmers had no choice but to get into their trucks and live life on the road. Soon, drought and over farming in southern states, turned many farms into dustbowls and turned farms into deserts. This is shown in {source 6}

The people who had speculated during the Economic boom were also ruined. Also a lot of people who actually had a lot or all of their shares in the stock market also went bankrupt. When the banking crisis started, people who did not manage to get their money out of banks and keep it at home, lost all of their money. Also, a lot of immigrants lost a lot of their money when the New York main bank went bankrupt. The rich lost a lot too because they invested a lot of their money.

These people actually became very poor and were unable to pay their mortgages on time and so they were kicked out of their homes. When this happened, a lot of people became hoboes or tramps and went to live in dumps, where they would make houses out of raw materials and eat food from dumps. The dumps were called hoovervilles, and a lot of migrants lived here. People used to eat scraps off the floor, pretending not to notice the maggots on the old meat. Hoovervilles were massed of waste land where people would build their houses from any materials they could find.

These people also went to so called soup kitchens which charities would organize. They would be able to buy lots of food for little amounts of money. This is shown in source 7, where there is a big massive queue of people outside a soup kitchen.

Everyone suffered if they had had shares in the stock market, or were unable to get their money out from the banks.

The worst problem the working class people had was unemployment. As more and more people reached unemployment, people bought less and less goods. Because of this, companies made less money and therefore fewer goods. Soon only the richest people bought goods, and many companies had to lay off workers, creating more unemployment problems.

The only people who remained financially secure were the elite rich group of people. They did not invest all of their money in the whole of the stock market, and the people who didn’t were the ones that did alright. However there was a very small ninority of them.


Most of the world’s population suffered from the depression. A lot of these people suffered equally, but some had more suffering than others. For instance Black people were suffering from the start, as they had only the least skilled jobs, they had been suffering since the roaring twenties. The same was for farmers. Farmers suffered a lot in the respects that they never really had any good income. They now had to leave their homes and also defy the law sometimes. They were very badly hit, as they had not money at all, not even in banks. Farmers had never really taken any pert in stock marketing.

The poor also suffered equally with farmers, as they started off poor in the roaring twenties, so they had no money now.

Because a lot of speculators had lost a lot of money, they also lost out a lot as well as working class people. Many migrants lost out too, but they were not doing very good to start with.

So in reply to the question, no, not everyone suffered equally, farmers, Black people and the poor in the boom lost out the most. They were the ones who suffered most, and so to say equally.

People who had invested and had been laid off companies were next, they suffered a lot but still had money from banks and excess.

However there were still some people who were very rich at the time, and so still had a lot of money. They did not suffer a lot.

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