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Events that led to War Assignment

As you can see if Germany stuck to this they did not have any chance if they were attacked or wanted to attack. That was the whole point of the treaty to prevent Germany to start another World War, especially after the destruction of the first one.

It was not though until Match in 1938 that the Germans started to show any signs of meaning war. They were forbidden to unite with Austria so what did Hitler go and do, he defied the Treaty and marched over to Austria and guess what they united and became Anschluus again! The British and French found about this and once again they didn’t do anything. The Germans had been very busy bees after Hitler had taken control after he pulled out of the League of Nations 1933, built a secret airforce, tanks, submarines and ships. Britain did nothing as there were many who thought Germany had not been treated fairly with the whole Treaty business.

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So what now? Britain and France were just letting Hitler build up power and all they did was try and ‘meet the demands of the dictators.’ But in the end would this do any good? Eventually after 5 years trying to restore Germany back to its original state Hitler said her would declare war if the German people in Sudentland (west Czechoslovakia,) were not allowed free rule. There were 2,500,000 Germans in Sudetenland; this was a lot of Germans.

The Prime Minister at the time, Chamberlain flew straight away out to Germany to try and negotiate with Hitler. Hitler was not going to give in though he gave the Czechs 16 days to meet his wishes or war would be declared. Chamberlain only got involved to try and stop war happening, because he knew that somehow England would get involved, through allies or on attack on England. But guess who was playing boss, Hitler. He was not content with Benes (the Czechoslovakian leader,) offer of handing Germany the parts of Czechoslovakia which the Germans mainly inhabited. Hitler wanted the whole of Sudetenland for Germany.

So now it looked war was going to happen. The Czechs were allied with the French and the USSR. They had a good-sized army and were organised.

On September 28th Chamberlain met with Hitler, Mussolini and the French leader Daladier in Munich, Germany. Their aim to sort out the problem that had occurred. Rather rudely I feel, the Czechs were not allowed and the USSR were not invited, charming! Hitler got his first wish, the whole of Sudetenland. The Czechs had conveniently been banned, probably so that the four countries could come out better without worrying about the Czechs. So the Czechs could either except of fight Germany on their own. Also good old Hitler promised not to make any more demands within Europe. On the 1st of October Germany claimed Sudetenland. Poland and Hungary also took land from the Czechs, so different countries’ surrounding it owned Czechoslovakia and hardly any was owned by the Czechs.

It was 1939 that World-War-11 began, peace was in shatters and Hitler had finally gone too far for trying to meet his needs. Once again Hitler broke his promise and ceased more of Czechoslovakia and the Hungarians took another piece for themselves, (they were friends with the Germans.)

Hitler only a week later took the city of Memel from Lithuania on the borders of Poland. This caused the British nation to promise to stand by Poland in they were attacked by Germany. The hungry Germans wanted more so they planned to take over the ‘Polish Corridor’ this was a bulk of land, which divided Germany from East Prussia, which was German.

April 1939, the Italians invaded Albania. The British then signed allegiance to both Greece and Romania. The British were not really wanting a battle and thought by looking tough they could scare Hitler away, good luck!

The USSR contacted Britain and France and asked if they wanted to make a pact not to attack one another and defend each other if any of them were attacked. The British leaders being anti-Communist did not want to reply, so they left the offer.

Then, the USSR realising it didn’t have the British or the French signed an agreement with Germany, they promised not to attack one another. This pact was called the ‘Nazi-Soviet Pact.’ They also agreed with one another in secret that they would share Poland’s land between one another. On September the 1st Germany attacked Poland. Britain and France now declared war and went into to battle, they believed this was now the only way to stop the increasingly powerful Germans.

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