Evaluation “No Going Back” - Assignment Example

In our trailer, which we called “no going back”, Perry Northeast and I shared the roles equally as there were only two of us we had to alternate holding the camera and acting shots. Before filming we already decided which shots we needed and had a good idea where to film effective footage. As we only shot what we thought we might need when it came to editing it was quite easy to cut down and crop certain parts of filming. The editing took several hours before we had the finished product.

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Both Perry and I edited so we were both happy with the final product. In the trailer itself Perry played the stalker whilst I was the character running and suspicious of a follower. The trailer was set in a wood, we used Goodwood as it is secluded and this setting conforms to the conventional setting of the genre. We also used the canal by the school, as sections of the canal offer what we didn’t have in Goodwood. Woods are secluded and they add more depth of being on your own.

The canal was chosen because it had certain places which we thought would look effective in our trailer for example under the bridge we used as we thought a silhouette of the victim turning around would have more impact than in the light. In reflection if we would have filmed in the dark like originally planned the tension and suspense in regards to the killer would have been more effective. A killer would be out in night rather than the day as they are exposed in the day.

However due to technical difficulties with the camera minimal footage was shot in the woods, the woods itself would be used again as it is iconic of the genre and it is naturally misty and spooky. We watched the Blair witch project as our inspiration as it is a low budget film and the hand held camera effect was easy to put into our trailer. We used the blair witch as it has the same narrative that we would like to use in our trailer as its about a witch who is possesive of her area and to all the local kids she is just a myth.

The kids in the film are there for a school project so we thought it would be appropriate to use the blair witch as our inspiration because its misty and a low budget film which is easier for us to reflect in our trailer. Out of the logos for the start of the trailer we chose the BBC. BBC has a large British audience which is a wider spread audience over the ages than for example channel four so we want to maximise audiences of all ages with a specific focus on our target audience which is ages 17-25 of both sexes.

As the characters within our trailer are all late teens we believe our target audience would relate more to them that’s why we chose to cast late teens as our characters. The BBC also invests in low budget films, as they are cheap to make and if successful bring in a lot of money so they are maximising profits. As we all agreed that our film would be a low budget one we chose the BBC. The BBC is a well-known company and is well respected for there quality they produce. As they are a public good they also have high expectations from the audience.

Within our trailer, we used diagetic effects to add meaning to certain clips. We used close ups on “keep out signs” and connected it to “they ignored the warnings” this is to show that the characters saw the warnings but carried on any way. We used a couple of shots of the character looking over his shoulder to show that he feels someone is watching him. We used panning shots to show that the stalker is watching them. In one clip the of stalker we used a low angle camera shot to show dominance whilst the victim looks over his shoulder straight into the camera to make it look like he has seen something suspicious.

The narrative style of the film is very fast with a lot of action scenes. We used short fast clips to keep the audience asking questions and to keep them interested in what they are watching. It also created action and suspense. In our trailer we tried to follow the genre of horror trailers which is to start slow, then pick up pace and end in a slow scene with the music fading out. In our trailer the chase was the fast paced middle where the thought of the victim not getting through the door and falling over makes the audience think that the stalker is gaining on him.

We called our film no going back as when they ignored the warnings there is no turning back and the stalker/killer wont let them out of his area without a fight. In terms of graphology we used certain effects in our trailer such as the flash on “Was it worth it? ” This makes sure the audience’s attention is drawn to the point. We also didn’t want this clip to go out of the audience’s mind as soon as it passes, in editing we used different techniques. We used a straight cut, which is used to keep up with the chase and to move quickly between cuts.

We used fade ins and fade-outs to give space between shots. The one which I thought we used the best was the overlap which we used on the dusty lock to show that there is no way out, overlapping it with a character trying to get away. This is effective as the character is trying to get away although he can’t escape. We used these two objects because they are known as a common convention of horror films. For the non-diagetic sounds we chose the song M1A1, which is a track from the Gorillas.

We used two parts of this track, the first we used to create suspense, and the “Hello, Is anyone there? It enhances how the victim feels; if someone was watching and they ask is anybody there? This was effective; it also fits in with the mis-en-scene with that part of the trailer. The second part we sued as it adds to the fast pace and goes with the chase, and the ending goes well with the killer, looking up to the screen and looking back down again. As we used two difference types of music, it was hard to use both of them, but we edited our music so the second part was brought it gradually, but still you can here “Hello” in the background.

We end our trailer with the title, and after the killer looks down, ‘Coming soon’. Overall I felt the music fits in very well with the image of the trailer. The original idea was that no one enters the woods, and lives to tell the story, as the killer is possessive of his area, and no one was going to have fun on his territory and get out to tell the story this is why we called the film “no going back”. But this was just a myth to the youngsters, who go to the woods looking for a laugh and to have fun.

I don’t believe we portrayed this narrative in our trailer. If we had more time we would have got more clips to show the plot, that they were having fun at the beginning. But as we did most of the filming with just two people, it was difficult to show the group having fun. The narrative in our trailer is lacking but if we had more effective footage from the woods, showing they were having fun in the wood, it would have given more to this. Both Perry and I were impressed with the final result.

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