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Evaluation of an Internet based Ebook Publishing Service Assignment

WePublish Inc. is aimed at creating an online community where authors can publish their eBook online and customers can buy them. Unlike a traditional book, eBooks provide customers with the ability to carry information on mobile devices and electronics without compromising productivity.

94% of users with electric devices have shopped online in the past 6 months. This allows WePublish Inc. to capitalize on readers by fulfilling the unmet need of providing digital versions of book that they want to read. Making purchases online will not be a barrier for them since they are familiar with the process and they understand we protect their privacy by using secure socket layers (SSL) encryption.

College students can now store all their textbooks on their mobile devices so they don’t have to carry around a big text book. They will also be able to easily search for information that they are looking for saving them valuable time and increasing productivity.

Fiction and non fiction readers who read for leisure prefer not to carry a paper back book, and prefer to carry information in an eBook format. They can read without any additional light source and it weighs less than traditional books.

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Authors have demanded a way to stay in contact with their audience, and the press releases, and media attention is not enough. These offline marketing strategies are too expensive for them and takes several months before they can communicate their readers. WePublish Inc. provides an online medium to instantly communicate with their audience and receive feedback instanteously. Authors will also be able to build a customer database that will grow over the years.

Our mission is to enable every technology savy person to be able to carry the books they love on their electronic devices.

EBooks are growing in demand due to the fact that they can be purchased conveniently from their home computer and received instantaneously without having to wait for shipping time. Another advantage is that eBooks are always in stock. They can never run out of stock. The third advantage for WePublish Inc, is that we do not have to lose money on eBooks that aren’t sold. The only cost is to transcribe the manuscript into digital format and most publishers already have it in digital format. We only pay when a sale is made, and authors will enjoy an additional passive revenue to their current income.

In order for WePublish Inc. to provide content that users will like, we must obtain contracts with existing authors and publishers that will allow us to republish their work and sell it online. These authors will receive a 50% commission for doing no work at all.

With venture capitalist funding, we will be able to develop anti piracy software, and set up barriers that will limit the opportunity for emerging competitors to enter in.

A cover, and a few hundred pages binded together with written content, usually forming a story or lesson, is the basic recipe for a book. The formula has hardly changed since the first book was created, and yet in a growing world of technology people still carry around heavy textbooks, novels, and large newspapers. WePublish Inc. will change all that, and make storing, carrying and reading published works more convenient.

We will be a solely online business with the domain name www.WePublish.com/. The domain has been bought and the site is under construction.

In short, WePublish. Inc provides authors a way to publish their book online in a digital format, while providing a marketplace for users to browse and buy different books and subscribe to magazines or newspapers online. WePublish is also a place where veteran authors can reach a new populous of people, and where new authors can get started.

WePublish Inc. will serve the unmet need of people who want to purchase ebooks online, and help authors capitalize on the growing market of readers who are interested in purchasing their works online. By using the author’s desire for more revenue and exposure, and the users’ desire for convenience and leisure, we have an effective medium for the introduction of digital products online. Customers will trust recognized authors, and authors will have an online audience to write for.

When a customer buys a book, it is saved on their WePublish account and is also stored on their computer. WeRead will be a free software that will show all the books the user has bought in a library, and is a program where the ebooks can be read like a PDF document. WeRead software will also be available on mobile devices for free, serving the same purpose as it does on the computer.

WePublish Inc. will also be working with companies that produce smart-phones, mp3 players with screens, and portable game systems (Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Creative) in order to create the WeRead software on their device(s), making reading on the go extremely easy. Of course, WeRead will also work with standard eReaders. All the user has to do is log onto their WePublish account and view the files, via cell phone, or the files can be downloaded directly into the electronic, if it doesn’t have online capabilities.

There is no other company currently fulfilling these needs simultaneously which makes our company very unique. By implementing both needs into our business, we have developped an efficient service that will satisfy both the author and the reader.

Choosing now to form an ebook business is very strategic, because it’s a very promising time in the “mobile devices” industry. With the introduction of the iPhone, Blackberry, and others, getting eBooks portable is now extremely easy, as the market for smart-phones, MP3’s with larger screens, and ebooks grow.

We will make money mostly off of commissions from the books that are bought. When the author publishes his/her book, he/she can adjust the price anywhere from $5.99 to $59.99, and earn 50% of it when a copy is sold, while WePublish Inc. recieves the other 50%. The advantage of not paying upfront is that we do not loose money on unpopular eBooks. WePublish Inc. will also earn revenue off advertisements shown across web pages in the form of banners that advertise new books and related items. Authors will also need to pay a one time fee of $49.99 in order to publish their works on our website.

Benefits of ebooks in general include:

* It doesn’t cost anything to replicate an ebook, therefore cutting all costs from manufacturing and printing.

* Ebooks are environmental friendly because theres no use of paper.

* No external light scource needed when read from a monitor.

* Can be read hands free.

WePublish Inc. will be quick to gain power in the ebook industry by making books more convenient to read and open to authors. WePublish Inc. will be the first in the industry to work with hi-tech companies to make ebooks readable on most portable devices, and soon we will become a household name around the world.

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