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Evaluation Commentary: Film Promotional Campaign Assignment

The aim of our project was to create a film production campaign, which consisted of advertisement, marketing and the premise of the film. We had been put into groups of 4. All the groups had been given a certificate, genre and a word to link with idea of the films. We had been given a certificate 15, genre horror and the word was ‘Meltdown’. After some long thinking, we came up with, in our opinion the best film plot out of all the groups.

We decided to call our film ‘Total Meltdown’ using the information we were given by our teachers. Then we had to come up with a premise for our film including a location, which was Canada as it is cheaper than the US but looks the same. Then we had to hire actors. Our main actors were Vinnie Jones (Villain), Bruce Willis (Hero), Chris Tucker (Side-kick/Comedian) and Denise Richards. Dr. Dre, DMX and Sean Connery filled in Guest appearances. We chose Vinnie as he had played similar parts before and he also looks like a killer.

Chris Tucker was chosen as we didn’t just want to make this film about a man going around killing everyone, we wanted different angles and views in it using the actors otherwise this would put some members of the audience off watching this film. So he was added him to put some flavour of comedy into this film. Bruce was not the ideal man for this job as we wanted Nicolas Cage as our hero but this wasn’t possible as he was involved with another film, so we had to find an alternative.

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He wasn’t a bad replacement as he had past experienced with these types of films. The technology we used in our film were resources such as CD players, tape recorders, and a P. C’. We used the computers quite a lot throughout this coursework. We designed our logo using the Internet for ideas and word art for the actual logo. We wrote all of our work up on computer as well. We used a lot of technology making our radio advert.

We used the latest and best music around as our soundtracks were DMX (Party Up! , Dr. Dre (Next Episode), Limp Bizkit (Rollin) and So Solid Crew (21 Seconds). The reason for us using this particular music was that it appeals to the younger members of the audience and therefore attracts them to this film. The effect it gave the film was that the film looked exciting and changes in the tension. The advert had to be 20 seconds long. We promoted the advert by releasing the advert to the best radio stations around such as Kiss 100, Capital FM and Radio 1 (BBC).

The main factor in us giving it to these specific stations was that they were listen to by our target audience as well as them being well known around the country. I think our group was always well organized unlike some other groups around us. Whenever something was given to us, we should share out the work well so every chipped in well. This was maybe one of the key factors in our film being a hit. One example of our organization was when we hadn’t finished our work in class, and then someone in our group would take it home and finish it.

The things our group did differently were things like helping each other out not just leaving everyone to do the work they had been set as most groups around us were doing, through this we had more view and ideas on the work we were doing therefore better quality work was produced using all the groups knowledge. I also regard the part I played in the group work was quite large as I usually took everything home and typed it up or finished it off for our next lesson.

I also came up with our script for the radio advert, the final slogan ‘The Mood is About To Change’ this was used as our final slogan because throughout the film the mood of both actors and audience’s changes a lot, and I came up with most of the film premise as well. After part 1 of the project we were given a budget depending on our project folder we had been given a budget of £750 000 which we thought was not much. But as we worked out our budget we had some £75 000 left over which was extraordinary considering we thought that too much had been spent.

Most of our expenditure was on star tours teaser trailers, trailers, previews, reviews, merchandising premieres and billboards as these thing would be key to our success as our film was packed with stars. We got a rough idea of our budget by looking at other film budget spending the film we look at was ‘Planet Vertical’ the reason we looked at this film was because it wasn’t a hit or a flop so we improvised on most of its spending, but they had over 1 million to spend and we didn’t so we cut it down to the budget we had. Our project communicates well to the audience.

We mostly communicated with the audience through our advertisement and publicity campaigns. These are things like posters, radio adverts, reviews and trailers. Telling the audience about the film, it’s box office release and information on the stars. We made our posters using a lot of ICT, researching on the Internet, and by looking at posters from different films. We then downloaded a picture of Vinnie Jones off the internet put it above our logo, which was an ‘M’ for ‘Meltdown’ with explosions coming out of the top of it which represented the nuclear meltdown in our film and a ‘T’ for ‘Total’ in front of the ‘M’.

The background was black. We faded one side of Vinnie’s face so the audience would not know what the other side looked like until they saw the film. Later, we found out that this worked out to be a successful idea as it kept the audience in suspense about the appearance of Vinnie Jones in the film. In actual fact, it was easy to keep the same message across the genres of radio advert, poster and trailer. Basically in that order we just expanded each time, because in the radio advert people found out the stars, soundtracks but we didn’t give too much away.

Then through the posters and trailers we started to give more and more away on film like the release dates. But something we left unknown to the audience was Vinnie Jones’s part in the film at the start of our publicity campaign. So the audience was kept in suspense about him and his role in the film. Compared to real thing, I think if this film was made in Hollywood the way we made it, this film would be a hit. The reason is we did almost everything that actual Hollywood producer do, coming up the premise, spending budget wisely.

The only thing I think we can’t compare is the pressure on the Hollywood producers. We had no pressure just some deadlines to reach and sometimes we didn’t reach them, but in Hollywood if they were not in on time the person would probably get sacked. I have learnt a considerable amount about film promotion and that it takes time, effort and a lot of hard work. A lot of things have to considered if you want your project to be a success. It must have a solid foundation i. e. the premise, which is what the project is based around.

The target audience is also important for example if you were promoting an 18-certificate film you wouldn’t have toys of your stars free with a McDonalds happy meal. Luckily for us our target audience range was quite large almost all ages above 15 could be interested in it, as it appealed to differently to ages groups above 15. Persuasive language and images are also a vital part in people coming to watch your film, things like poster and trailers are the main source of publicity and they have to be just right for your film.

At the end we were told if our projects were hits, flops, or broke even. Our film was a huge hit judging by our project folder and its presentation. The main reasons for its success was the way we worked in our group helping each other out on all parts of the project, expanding and improvising on ideas. As we had a good foundation which was our premise, from then on it got easier as we linked up well and most importantly we enjoyed making this project a hit.

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