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Ethical dilemma in Affirmative action plan Essay

Ethical dilemma is a condition which occurs due to apparent conflict between various “seemingly correct” moral thoughts. The condition of ethical dilemma is also defined as a debatable situation which does not have any “right” or ‘wrong” decisions. Some people also refer to it as “choosing between the two evils”. The Ethical dilemma is also referred as ethical paradox. In moral philosophy, there is always a debate on ethical paradox. The Ethical paradox can be understood better by taking an example like we should love our neighbour and this enhances the relationships and works towards a positive society.

But it may contradict the situation in which an armed neighbour comes to the house to kill occupants. If the neighbor is successful in his sin planning then victim is not in the condition to love him further more. Now to attack the neighbor can’t be a sudden decision as for love. This ethical dilemma can’t be ignored in social relationships. Since the human beings always make a complex relationship amongst themselves, the ethical dilemma, subsequent trade-offs and the decision making, goes on to play a vital role in human life. (Caruth, 1997) Affirmative Action Plan

These are the terms used for the policies that are put under the consideration to promote equal opportunity. These policies focus upon the various topics including employment and education and health programs. The main aim of this action is to treat unequal as equal, just to remove inequality. Regular staffing plan There are various plans for e. g. recruitment, hiring and screening new people into a new organization. These plans are known as staffing plans. It involves all the basics objective criteria that are consistent according to the organization’s needs (Caruth, 1997).

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