Essay Outline Template - Assignment Example


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  1. General Statement: about the topic. This should grab your reader’s attention.
  2. Overview of Main Points: ideas that you will discuss in further detail in the body of your essay.
  3. Thesis Statement: Should answer the What? Why? How? So What? (This is the “core” of your essay)

Body of Essay

  1. Claim (Argument)
  2. Evidence (Quotations, Paraphrases, Examples)
  3. Significance/Elaboration (The relationship between your claim and the evidence. The connection of the point to the thesis statement).
  4. Transition Sentence (Concludes your paragraph and point; can lead in to next point)


  1. Thesis Restated
  2. Summary of Main Points

Closing Sentence (a suggestion for the future, something memorable to leave for your reader, possible research questions for future analysis, a solution to the problem you raised)

Essay Outline Template