Essay Outline Sample Template - Assignment Example


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Get the reader’s attention – ask a leading question; relay something enticing about the subject in a manner that commands attention. You could start with a related quote, alluring description, or narrative.

Thesis Statement

State the thesis – what you are going to discuss. You could state the causes and effects to be discussed; comparison of subject X and subject Y; your position on the issue; your proposal if applicable; and the main points that will develop your argument.


  1. First Point, Topic sentence, Explanation
    • Supporting evidence (examples, facts, theories, statistics, quoted authorities, details, reasons, etc.)
    • Supporting evidence
    • (Conclusion and lead-in)
  2. Second Point
    • Support
    • Support
    • optional
  3. Third Point
    • Support
    • Support
    • optional


Summarize your thesis and how your evidence supports your points. Re-emphasize your thesis in a fresh way, showing how you have achieved your purpose. You may wish to appeal to the reader to see how you have come to a logical conclusion, or make a memorable final statement.

Essay Outline Sample Template