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Entrepreneurship Case Netflix Assignment

The elements of the exchange process as they occur between Netflix and its customers. Netflix sends DVDs of your choosing in a Netflix envelope, along with return-addressed prestamped envelopes. After viewing the DVDs, the customer simply mails them back to Netflix in the supplied packaging. I think the marketing management philosophy Netflix subscribe to is Sales Orientation. Netflix is tryin to get everyone in the world to save on goin to the movies and renting from other movie stores.

Netflix wants to show the world that it will be cheaper to rent from Netflix movies for the reason there is no late fees. Netflix’s relationship approach on marketing to increase customer’s satisfaction is Customer-Oriented Personnel. I think Netflix is an customer-oriented personnel because Netflix is focused on the customer. They try to get out the movies the customer was interested into. Yes, I have been exposed to Netflix advertising.

I had an Netflix account when I worked. I loved it. I used to rent DVDs to watch when I was off with my family and when I was on the computer I had unlimited streaming so I watched movies on break at work. I think the gift trial subscription to another person is great. I think it is a great to get others to know about Netflix if they don’t know about it. It is also a great way to get started with an Netflix account.

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